John Galliano’s 1st TV Interview since he was Ousted from DIOR

Galliano_Charlie Rose_TV InterviewIf you thought John Galliano’s interview in Vanity Fair was explosive, you better see his TV Interview with Charlie Rose that he did on Wednesday Night. The hour long interview is a tell-all sort of interview where Galliano literally confesses about his ‘inner demons’.

John GallianoDressed in a Navy Blazer and slicked-back hair, Galliano opened up to Charlie Rose about some deeply personal and painful topics, from suicide to addiction to Galliano’s newfound relationship with God: and his discovery that he wasn’t a God himself. He says, “I was a fully functioning addict. It was fine, as long as John took his bow on the runway and the collection was merchandized and marketed… but the drinking did creep up on me. It was very cyclical. After each creative high, there’d be this crash… But of course with the increase of collections, that cycle became faster and faster–there was a collection, like, every four weeks.”

See the full John Galliano interview with Charlie Rose here:

Did he held the Dior bosses or the fashion industry in general for his decline? John Galliano said, “No, I take complete responsibility. I was not honest. Sometimes, I was acting like God. And now I know I’m not in the driver’s seat.” He also opened up to Charlie Rose and confessed, “I was afraid to say no–that little word which, led to my pill and alcohol-fuelled breakdown. In the end, I found myself emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally bankrupt”.



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