I find it rather hard to believe but Vogue UK is reporting that Alexander Wang is the designer who is considered for the prestigious job at DIOR. The magazine claims that a ‘source close to LVMH’ provided them with this inside news. I find it hard to believe that Alexander Wang is considered for the Dior job because Wang is way too young in the industry and his fashion sensibilities are more inclined towards ‘Streetwear’ than ‘Couture’.

While Vogue UK may insist that insiders say Alexander Wang “is the new name in the frame for the Dior job,” they’re quick to add that “industry experts may scoff at the idea.” But then what happened to other contenders? Marc Jacobs who openly stated during New York Fashion Week that he is game for the JOB did not get it reportedly because he asked for a huge price – as huge as 10 Million Dollars. The other contender – Ricardo Tisci is very content with Givenchy and politely turned down the Dior offer. Vogue UK also reports the LVMH insider stating, “for Dior, it’s a pretty tricky situation, as the three favorites really can’t take the job. Haider Ackermann is said to be ‘way too edgy’ for Dior“.

So the mystery on who will replace the maverick John Galliano continues and if the latest report from Vogue UK on Alexander Wang grabbing the coveted Dior job is to be believed then it really comes as a big surprise. But I will wait till Dior makes the Official Announcement!

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  1. neha says:

    wang and dior they are creatively conflicting

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