Tollywood And Its Fetish For The ‘Pits’

Tollywood or the South Indian Film Industry was always known for their fetish for big busts and big bums. If an actress didn’t measure up to their desirable size, she had to pad up.

But have you noticed Tollywood’s fetish for the armpits? All the photo-shoots of South Indian Actresses have ample shots of curvaceous heroines with armpits exposed. To top it all, they have interesting adjectives for the pits – Juicy Armpits, Fleshy Armpits and Milky Armpits. Gawd!

But then there are some shots of Telegu or Kannada or Malyali actresses with armpits with 5pm stubble. Eeeeks!

3 Replies to “Tollywood And Its Fetish For The ‘Pits’”

  1. KB says:

    what do armpits signify ?

  2. KB says:

    Showing armpits signifies a disgusting, pervert, kinky state of mind. It looks like a desperate ploy to draw male attn to other surrounding areas. Yiiiikes!

  3. stuckwithnews says:

    Look at those manly arms and thighs on these ‘women’….holy s**t

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