Julie 2 Heroine Raai Laxmi Shed More Than Just Clothes

Sanskari former CBFC Chief, Pahlaj Nihalani has managed to grab all the publicity for Julie 2 that he is producing and distributing. Anyway enough said about that already. The trailer of Julie 2 is trending and has got huge views on Youtube. But let’s talk about the leading lady of Julie 2 – Raai Laxmi who is making her debut in Bollywood. She has already done 50 plus movies in Tollywood.

For Julie 2 Raai Lakshmi not only tweaked her name but she shed 15 kgs to look svelte. Tollywood like their leading lady with more meat; they love their heroines who are voluptuous and Raai laxmi was just that. In Julie 2 she looks slim and Sanskari producer exploited her figure with notorious camera angles and movements. All the brouhaha that is stirred up for this movie that releases on October 6, 2017 will definitely pull-in a great opening.

Here are some of Raai Laxmi’s before and after images. Enjoy!

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