Shiney gets 7 years for rape. Did you know about Preity-Shiney incident?

On the day when actor Shiney Ahuja was sent to jail for 7 years after convicted by the Mumbai court for raping his 20-year-old  maid in 2009, I found it fiiting to share this bit of interesting news that has been sent to me by a loyal reader of He/She goes by this psuedonym –Namisjh.

Here is the unedited verbatim of Namisjh spicy report:


Submitted on 2011/03/30 at 11:03pm

Preity Zinta loves good-looking men! In 2007 during Har Pal shooting Preity Zinta was found barging into Shiney Ahuja’s van who was giving her the cold-shoulder. Can Shiney Ahuja who is an introvert and a professional and keeps distance from his female co-stars do something like this (raping his 20-year-old maid) or as his wife says he is implicated wrongly?

30 October 2007 (Sawf News) – We are sworn to mind our business and confine ourselves to what the stars want us to hear when they come courting the press to promote their films but just every now and then a doozy of a rumor falls into our laps. This one involves rumblings of a certain off screen connection developing between Preity Zinta and her co-star Shiney Ahuja. 
 Pretty intriguing, wouldn’t you say? Our snoops on the sets of Jahnu Barua’s film Har Pal tell us the two are quite a pair. Har pal inseparable. Yes, yes, just good friends and all that, but it seems Ms. Zinta loves popping into Shiney’s make-up van as often as she can between shots. Well, we guess that settles the age-old question of “Your place or mine?” Clearly his. But his van? No, nothing as juicy as catching anyone red handed, but certainly red faced. Seems Preity trooped into his van, robustly and with great familiarity only to realize he was not alone. Embarrassed and struggling to cover up the true reason for her boisterous entrance, she fumbled with excuses and finally told him she was there to call him for their next shot together. Well, unless Ms. Z has taken a pay cut and donned the cap of the Assistant Director it clearly wasn’t her job to do so. Which clearly means, she’s a terrible liar or, and just as bad, so eager to be constantly in touch with him that she’s taken to borrowing the duties of a stars’ inferior, the crewmember. What’s next, Preity running around as his spot boy with Umbrella hovering over his shiny greatness?

Either way, the reasoning was as sheer as Mandakini’s saree under a RK waterfall and it left Shiney stuttering for a response. He excused himself from his Filmi guests and went to the door to have a hushed word with her. Unnaturally cheerful, she wished them all well and extricated herself as best as she could for her faux pas. 
 Shiney, ever the “gentleman”, thought the best way to underplay the situation was to make light of it. He commented with a shake of the head and a well-practiced sigh, the old Aunty just wouldn’t leave him alone. Yes, poor dear, sick of the harassment from his senior heroine, is he? So much so, he’s signed on the dotted line to act in another film with her. Oh, but at least the chemistry boiling between them will have some relief what with the new script apparently an intimate look at the breakdown of a once loving marriage. Funny, isn’t it how art imitates life. Oh gosh, that isn’t to suggest Shiney Ahuja, if rumors are to be believed, may be doing a lot more practical of a study of how to mess up a marriage.

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  1. Hy says:

    Well Preity does have a rep of being generous with her affection when it comes to men..

  2. followmefollowu says:

    SAWF news will be paid to get them to remove the link and erase the incident that there was offscreen episodes!

  3. Strangers says:

    Preity Zinta was last to do film with Shiney..! Poor guy after that his career was finished! As for case – how did court declare maid hostile when she withdrew all charges, said she was in love with him and said she did all that at behest of another woman… ?? Weird case.

    TOI has learned that the makers of his highly anticipated projected Har Pall (who were contemplating releasing the film soon), that stars Preity Zinta in the lead, have decided to push back the release until the court passes its verdict. With the timeline of when the case will be resolved yet unavailable, it is not good news for the actor who is hoping to come back to the industry and reclaim his ground with this movie as well as Accident in which he is paired opposite Soha Ali Khan.

    “With such negative publicity against Shiney still grabbing headlines, the makers of Har Pall are wary of releasing the film. They feel it will get disastrous box office results if they release it now. According to perception, many pundits feel that audiences will reject Shiney’s film as he still hasn’t been pronounced free of the charges of raping his domestic servant. Shiney’s brand name needs to get positive light somehow to resurrect his acting career,” says a top trade source on conditions of anonymity.

    “For the makers it is important that Shiney gets a verdict in favour of him. They will quickly release the film by riding on the positive wave. If not, they will then plan how they can still release it as lots of money is at stake. They will have to go ahead and promote the film with or without Shiney. The film is completely ready which means the producers have kept their investment locked and that’s not good,” the source adds. The director of Har Pall, Jahnu Barua, confirms TOI’s news and adds, “The situation is such that we have to wait and watch.”

    PTI adds:

    The 20-year-old girl appeared before a court on September 3, and said that she was never raped by Shiney and that she had filed the complaint against the actor at the behest of the woman who had secured her the job of a maid in Ahuja’s residence.

    “On September 3, the victim identified Shiney in the court and said she used to work at his residence as a domestic help. But when asked about the incident she said it never happened and that she was never raped,” public prosecutor Kashinath Dighe said.

    Following this, the court declared her hostile. If the court deems fit, she can be punished for perjury, he said. The prosecution will continue presenting other evidence including the statements of 12 other witnesses, forensic reports and other documentary evidence. The next date of hearing has been fixed on September 15.

    (With inputs from Prithwish Ganguly and PTI)

  4. gangulyguy says:

    What must be syllabus of course on men’s sexuality and rapacious traits that Preity Zinta is said to have done? Any ideas guys … she sure has acquired technical knowledge on guys -hahaha

  5. abhay roy says:

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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