The Monster Rapists Unmasked

The six monsters who beastly gang-raped a 23-year-old girl in a bus on Sunday night were arrested but the police let them hide their ‘ugly’ faces behind cloth rags. They should have been dragged in full public view and let all see what pervert monsters look like under guise of men.

Finally I chanced upon this photograph of the four out the six rapists where they couldn’t hide behind a mask. Unfortunately in this photograph that was taken when this rapists were presented in the court, we don’t see the main accused – Ram Singh. Anyway see the monsters and remember their faces so that in case they manage to escape the law, you can break them. I would!

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  1. Z says:

    Shame on these men and many more who think of women as sex objects. I have no words to express how horrifying this must have been for the victim.
    Today because of social media there is a huge cry over this incidence but I hope it never dies and the culprits get punished.
    Many of the socialites must be reading this post on this particular website. If you (rich and famous socialites )really want the fame use your HIGH LEVEL CONTACTS AND STAND UP FOR THIS POOR GIRL AND MANY MORE VICTIMS.

  2. jasmeen Dugal says:

    Stand up for justice. Doing candle lit marches or morchas does not help!! Demand answers from the police and the ministry and dont let go until punishment is doled out to these six …. there shouldn’t be a loophole for escape or few years of sentence!!!!

  3. Maybelline says:

    Finally somebody showed the faces of these bastards.

  4. Alice says:

    Why was India sleeping when so many rapists are yet living a normal life?
    What about those other rape victims? Is their plight any less?

  5. Gaurav says:

    @Alice, so you mean never wake up. Pity.
    These bastards should be burnt alive one by one and made to watch the burning of their partners. Or better as already called upon, these bastards should be made impotent.

  6. sheetal says:

    This is a great english translation of an speech given by Kavita Krishnan is leader of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, protest gathering near the residence of Delhi’s Chief Minister. It is superlative and lyrical in Hindi….and a fantastic read in English as well…I urge you to read it….here is the link…..please read it!

  7. Merlot says:

    Why is the minor being dealt with so leniently ? At seventeen, he’s far from juvenile and has proved what a brutal assailant he is. He along with the rest must be publicly flayed, dismembered and left to die. Only laws can change mindsets in a country like India. Until the fear of the judicial system doesn’t creep in, things will not change. And, the judicial system will only work when corruption ends — when people know for certain that there will be no bail and that the chances of getting away scot-free are nil. IMO, the UPA is the most corrupt, arrogant and insensitive government in the history of independent India. Crime against women is a national issue and at an all time high. We need a Guantanamo Bay kind of set-up to deal with rape cases.

  8. Harlem_Patil says:

    Aha..there you (the too-much-in-indignation-urban-yapper) go again. The police is not doing the accused (accused as yet mind you) a favour. It’s actually hiding their faces as police procedure that will be useful for identification parade. Because the fact of the identity being revealed can always, and is always, used as an excuse in the court of law by the accused lawyers to claim that since their faces are known their case had been prejudiced since any eye witness can now claim they are the accused. So ya, grt on fashion and leave the IPC to police. They are doing a good job, within whatever the system permits them to.

    de that dure and to

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