Vigilantism By TV Channels Is Dangerous

indiadaughter001indias-daughterI am so sick of vigilantism by some of the television channels that now I understand why TV is called an ‘Idiot Box‘. 24 by 7 these news channels are sermonizing and their panelists are forcing on their agendas that involuntarily seep into ordinary Indian’s conscious and eventually grows into a monstrous herd mentality.

“India’s Daughter” documentary on Nirvaya case is a must-see for all us Indian men but the megalomaniac Arnab Goswami and Times Now and News X went hammer and tongs as moral police to ban the airing of the documentary in India. If Nirvaya’s mother and father have no problem with the documentary, who are they to enforce ban? I want to see it and I will see it. Our politicians get cowed down by these cacophonous news anchors and their TV debates that unfortunately mould opinion and hence succumb. Jaya Bachchan’s opposition to the airing was absurd. She was right on the point that justice is delayed but I wonder why she doesn’t want India to see the ugly side of us Indians. Meenakshi Lekhi was disgusting in attributing the fact that the documentary will effect India’s image. If India has this ugly side, why hide it? Why blame a foreigner when no Indian documentary maker took the initiative of make one on this case. Parliamentarians like Javed Akhtar and Anu Aga voiced in favor of the airing of the documentary and I respect them for standing out.

bigrajnath-singh-on-nirbhaya_650x400_51425452159We are getting influenced by the constant moral-policing by TV Channels. No news channel is giving me news but constantly sermonising us –  the ordinary Indian and hence corrupting the ordinary Indian thought process.  Want my opinion to be individual and free. I don’t want lectures. Let Arnab Goswami lead a life away from Times Now and nobody will even spit on him. Sitting on a high-chair, these TV Anchors behave like arrogant opinion makers and the morons who own these media houses with hidden agendas fool ordinary people of the nation.

I am so sick of these vigilantism by TV Channels that I hope others too realise that the constant chattering by news anchors and studio panelists are making idiots out of us. Ban beef, ban liqour, ban documentaries, ban books, ban movies….Let’s just  Ban These TV anchors and that will save us and the country.  No Arnab Goswami or Rajnath Singh can stop me from seeing ‘India’s Daughter’ and see how sick these men are and probably help me introspect too.

11 Replies to “Vigilantism By TV Channels Is Dangerous”

  1. Laveena says:

    Hi, India’s Daughter is there on torrents. I hope some people make bootleg copies and sell it on the road.

  2. Lovely says:

    The Indian news media is a complete sham. Completely tabloidised and sensationalised. However, with respect to the Nirbhaya case, I feel its somewhat unethical of the documentary filmaker to interview a convicted murdered who is sitting on death row waiting to be hanged as if he is representative sample of the Indian male. And also take into account the other accused have pretty much been murdered in Tihar jail before they could receive their punishment, and this guy may very well be the recipient of the same kind of vigilante justice with the fallout from airing this documentary. However, I have not seen the documentary, and the filmmaker may well have handled it all quite sensitively. With respect to her being a foreign film-maker, I would say there is a sort of Western condescension in representing gender violence as a serious problem in developing countries like India because of backward attitudes towards women, without acknowledging what’s happening in your own backyard. The sexual violence and objectification of women is a universal problem – what about the Westminster paedeophilia and Jimmy Saville sexual abuse scandal, and of course the sexual trafficking of women by Jeffrey Epstein where those victims are still fighting for justice and compensation after literally decades and governments are still covering all of this up? However, again, the documentary may be balanced and not necessarily imply this angle. But yes we do need to have a mature debate about what precipitates sexual violence towards women. We won’t necessarily get that from the likes of Arnab Goswami or Parliament. I don’t know if interviewing this criminal and hanging his regressive views like dirty laundry out in public is more sensationalised and may be just about as constructive as asking a serial killer like Charles Manson if he repents for his past crimes. However, I acknowledge that I have not seen the film, and it may have been made and the issues handled very maturely and sensitively.

  3. PS says:

    We are a nation full of Banchods. And especially ever since the BJP-VHP-RSS and other media cronies took over a few months ago.
    And if these are any signs to indicate future, we’re in for one helluva ride. We need unbiased and sensible youth to lead the country before we are talibanised further.

  4. megan says:

    Well Arnab goswamy couldn’t stop himself from watching the documentary and his justification retort is he did it for research.

  5. A-kash says:

    The documentary was wrongly marketed as if the whole thing just focused on the accused. The documentary is as much the story of Nirbhaya’s parents who despite their humble backgrounds raised a girl who had dreams and worked towards fulfilling them; it reveals what some of the educated men ( read: lawyers) think of women in our country.It also shows the remarkable composure shown by Nirbhaya’s father.

    It is sad that a foreigner has to make a documentary on one of the most brutal sexual assaults ever on a woman. If our media would have gained access to the rapist; am sure they would have asked some inane questions and like every other major issue, the crux of the subject would have been drowned in he said….she said; The documentary doesn’t accuse any person in position of power. Even if for a moment we think that the jail officials would have bent backwards to accommodate people of white skin; I don’t think eminent jurists like Leila Seth or Gopal Subramanian would have given their point of view if the documentary aimed at painting all Indian men in one colour.

    Instead of taking offence to the documentary, I do hope it starts discussions amongst all of us to create a safer society for women. Arun Jaitley, our finance minister has infused 1000 crore to Nirbhaya fund; What use will be this fund, if we cannot discuss how to tackle male perception on the independent Indian woman?

  6. Reena says:

    Stop blaming BJP RSS , they are true patriots and are not afraid to do the right thing which our previous government lacked. It s actually worrying. … frm d vry first day looking to d support & applaud this humiliating BBC documentary was getting frm our fellow Indians shows how idiots we pple are…. It shows to wht extreme heights we Indian s r obsessed of western Media…. western Culture…. western Pple. … all this s vry vry embarrassing. What’s your take now on the below incident .
    . Viral now: Quora query on German prof’s refusal to give internship to Indian student

  7. Lovely says:

    Hi Reena. We shouldn’t allow the government to ban or censor the media purely on the basis that they embarass and humiliate India. That is not a good enough answer in a democy. If we do not discuss these problems openly then how can we improve as a society? I do think the government was mistaken in taking the step to ban the broadcast of this documentary, and the criticism is justified. I also think the previous government should not have given permission for interviewing the prisoner in Tihar jail or permitting the broadcast of this documentary while his legal appeals process is pending. Just because you prefer one government or political party to another, we can’t blindly trust that their actions are always good and for the right reasons. I would like to see the new government announce some more constructive actions directed towards women’s rights and preventing sexual violence against women, rather than just threatening rapists with the death penalty. That has done very little to prevent this horrible epidemic of gang rape in India.

  8. nitz19arg says:

    Well, it turns out, the mother and father of Nirbhaya do have a problem with documentary and they were unaware of fact that rapist will also be interviewed.
    Also, Nirbhaya’s boyfriend, who was with her at the fateful night, comes out and says that the whole documentary is scripted.
    Any comments?

  9. Etios says:

    The so called journalist has achieved her target by tarnishing the image of India worldwide, now Indian students are not getting admissions in foreign institutes because of this twisted, projectionist documentary, have a look at the German institute denying admission to Indian student for rape problem.

    The same British journalist has done zilch in UK for the 1400 young girls who were groomed and repeatedly raped by some men as it will tarnish their developed world. These are the kind of people who tour India for poverty-tourism and photography.

    I hope all the bleeding heart Ladies/Gents in India who were glorifying this documentary now label their fathers, husbands, brothers as rapists or celebrate when they get denied admissions and job-offers because of being a potential rapist !!

  10. Arman says:

    Just ban Arnab

  11. Durga says:

    Gen VK SIngh was right to call them presstitutes.

    Any goss on Narayanmurth? Biggest donor for gay Gandhiji’s statue and now son-in-law a political cat in London.

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