Who Made Arpita Khan Cry?

arpitakghan-wedding759arpita-khan_625x300_51416371056First of all let me congratulate Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma on their wedding. May the divine powers keep them together forever. Now that the wedding is over let me share some inside story. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla were entrusted with the task of making Arpita Khan’s trousseau. I am sure the duo made millions out of it.

abu_jani_sandeep_khosla_250x200arpita-khan-applies-mehandi_141630190400However when Sandeep Khosla went over to Arpita to deliver the wedding outfits, she did not like the way the ensembles turned out to be. We all know how important it is for the bride-to-be to look her best on her biggest day and Arpita definitely did not like what she tried. Evidently she was upset and she had all the right to be. Sandeep Khosla is not the kind to accept his flaw. He rather blurted out the worst thing one can ever utter to a bride-to-be. He blamed the lehenga’s look and fit on Arpita’s size and shape. Come on, who in their sane state would say such a thing??? Besides when Abu-Sandeep took the task of making Arpita’s trousseau, they must have had taken measurements. So why blame their bad creations on the bride’s size? I must say it is the most offending comment a designer could had made to a bride .

2ue7hixvvyh6eyk6.D.0.Jaya-Bachchan--Abhishek-Bachchan--Aishwarya-Rai-Bachchan-posing-with-designer-duo-Abu-Jani-and-Sandeep-Khosla--2-afa697fe-3295-4e76-9150-4050aea0be24Wallpaper2Sandeep Khosla’s profane comment brought tears to the eyes of Arpita Khan. Her dearest brother, Salman Khan couldn’t see tears in his darling sister’s eyes and was hurt when she narrated what the designer told her. Salman was hopping mad. I too would be! Sandeep Khosla was literally shitting bricks. He ran to to his Godmother – Jaya Bachchan to seek her help to soothe the frayed nerves of Salman Khan. Last I heard that Jaya auntie did manage to calm down Sallu bhai but Abu-Sandeep can’t get away by doing a bad job and blaming it on the customer.

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  1. Call_me_whatever says:

    When I saw her reception look– white gown– I wondered– how could Abu-Sandeep design something so-not-flattering. Every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day, and so did Arpita, but frankly the red lehenga teamed with those bulky jewels and the bad makeup/ hairstyling for the wedding and white gown for the reception– did nothing to add to her glow or beauty!

  2. SS says:

    Sounds like something an arrogant overrated designer would do.. So not surprised. Sallu is generally a classless guy, saw that clip of him chiding KK and then ‘deeply thanking her’ for breaking up with him.. Classless … KK misst has 0 self respect unlike a ms rai …

  3. Laveena says:

    Ridiculous, to blame her size; when he himself is fat and they make frumpy clothes.

    She looked cute irrespective of what she wore; you could feel the happiness.

  4. Colossial says:

    Abu-Sandeep are one of the most arrogant designers in Bollywood. They only prefare to design for the super rich business tycoons. I do not understand why Arpita has asked this duo. They had designed such horrible clothes for Aish after her pregnancy that made are look like a tank. The same lot designs elegant clothes for Nita Ambani and other tycoons wife at the same time. No wonder Salman and Arpita made a big mistake in hiring them. I wish Arpita a very happy married life ahead.

  5. monal says:

    why did shah rukh skip the wedding after such a publicised patch up

  6. bansal says:


    this article was published in pinkvilla, atleast they quoted your website name!

  7. Srishti says:

    most over rated designers….pretentious to the core

  8. shilpa says:

    Arpita is sweet…and every girl has the right to get ANGRY if somebody ruins her wedding costume…….Jaya Bachchan should have let Salman talk to Abu-Sandeep……that would have been the news :p……..

    Jack, why did Salman make fun of Katrina?

  9. jack says:

    She deserved it. Ultimate user!

  10. Rajaraviverma says:

    Jack,sorry for change in topic. y no more southern gossips from your reader pinky?;-)

  11. Mia says:

    She does deserve it! Shameless to the core.

  12. Melody says:

    Arpita looked pregnant in that white gown!

  13. Neha says:

    Why was KK even invited?

  14. wherever KK is today, just due to sallu and she should be thankful that he didn’t made her life hell after all these…..who knows some mutual part time understanding between them.

  15. shilpa says:

    KK should be thankful?? what exactly she should do for that?
    She never ever says bad about Salman or anybody related to him. She never makes fun of him.
    If Salman helped her, he also got something in return. And we don’t know if she was happy with what she did to him or for him.
    Salman is not “dudh ka dhoola”.
    Aishwarya was way more smart than KK.

  16. shilpa says:

    Jack, why my comment is still waiting for approval?

  17. jack says:

    She is pregnant!

  18. Tamtam says:

    i KNEW it!!!

  19. Mia says:

    Is that why the wedding was hurried? Well congratulations then!

  20. Irene says:

    o m g…this is news…..is Arpita really pregnant…???

  21. OMG…..Arpita is pregnant……..!!!!

  22. Call_me_whatever says:

    Happened to see a photos from a show hosted by Sabyasachi where a contestant is wearing the Sabya lehenga which Arpita wore for the Mehendi. OMG, does this mean Arpita sourced the Mehendi lehenga for a day, only because she didn’t (or couldn’t) wear the Mehendi lehenga designed by Abu-Sandeep. Just shows that the top designers cannot always deliver.

  23. Beautyandbrains says:

    jack you are awesome….you were the first one to break the news that she is preggo…. this is journalism !!!

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