Sanjana Jon ropes in a Sponsor for her B’day Bash

Only Sanjana Jon can do it – get a sponsor to fund her birthday bash.

Well for celebrating her birthday, Sanjana embarked upon a fresh social cause – ‘Go Green’ – and roped in a sponsor, a builder making eco-friendly ‘Earth Towne’. Smart huh? She gave up her other charitable cause – ‘Girl Child’ and went with ‘Green’ to milk a sponsor. In fact even Chunky Pandey is known for roping in sponsors for his birthday parties. But then a sponsor gets his moolah’s worth by sponsoring a film star’s birthday. Wonder what our Builder bhai got from sponsoring Sanjana Jon’s birthday. Local Page 3s covered this lack-luster evening and ignored the poor builder.

Birthday girl – Sanjana wore a ‘Green’ (probably self-designed) tacky gown, which didn’t look like eco-fashion at all. Even the cake was ‘Green’, which was definitely coloured by chemical additives. So much for a ‘Green’ Birthday. Many happy returns of the day, Sanjana!

10 Replies to “Sanjana Jon ropes in a Sponsor for her B’day Bash”

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  2. raam says:

    she uses what ever and who ever she has her hands on to lean upon. needs a spine badly. trying to get sympathized from the indian audience over her brothers case in US making the maximum use of it possible for her personal gain faking her emotions, falls tear on ramp. Does this country needs to entertain such people ?.

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