If U hangout with Firang Babes, U have Arrived.

Delhi’s high on libido men have the hots for Firang Babes and it’s now a common knowledge. But do you know that few enterprising guys are literally cashing on this craze for ‘White Skin’ in Delhi men? There are couple of guys who have become Hero from Zero just because they know loads of Euro-Trash. They get invited to exclusive parties provided they can bring along half-a-dozen Firang babes. These guys befriend these firangs and use social networking sites like Facebook and Couch Surfer to acquaint themselves with the much in demand Goris.There is this guy who claims to be a designer but I think he is actually into Pimpin these days.He hit the jackpot when he managed to impress a filthy rich guy from a powerful Political Family of Madhya Pradesh. The designer cum Pimp befriends these Goris who come to Delhi for short stints at NGOs and MNCs and then shows them the good life courtesy his benevolent client’s deep pockets. And finally manages to pack this girls to his client’s lavish after hour parties at hotel suites where sex and drugs are on-the-house and yes Dom flows too.The pimp who is a ‘Ocean’ of lies and a ‘Sagar’ of deceit is done good for himself. Imagine he who could hardly pay for his Beer at nightclubs is nowadays flying off to Dubai every other weekend with his gang of firang babes to party at Jumeira where his wealthy and powerful client feels like having some ‘White’ fun! The city has literally gone to the dogs!

38 Replies to “If U hangout with Firang Babes, U have Arrived.”

  1. neha says:

    well i guess ” ocean” is just a small drop in the market these days…..you need to highlight the big players of the page 3 citcuit who actually started this trend…!!!!

  2. neha says:

    well i guess ” ocean” is just a small drop in the market these days…..you need to highlight the big players of the page 3 circuit who actually started this trend…!!!!

  3. anonymous says:

    true! and the friends he hangs out with in Mumbai i.e. an ‘elbow’ resto-lounge owner, a bald guy who pimps lines and owns a restaurant in Goa, and an aging film star are all into Russian euro-trash!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anthead says:

    Those girls are all unfortunate looking. Can”t believe some tharki uncleji is wasting good money on Doms for them.

  5. anonymous says:

    @neha the big guys in the fashion industry don’t subscribe to this craze for goris … but a peek at the Urban Pind on thursday nights may just prove me wrong 😛

  6. ck says:

    hahaha so called designer! collection unseen ever shaddy as clown! dresses like an ass .! gosh ! thank god some one admired hil LOL ! after yuvraj chawla !

  7. hmmm says:

    this trend was started with big boys, including one of the media big boy who still hangs around with them:
    media is equally responsible promoting them by publishing them always;
    you open HT or Delhi times and see these firang kids/babes partying with mr nobody’s , page 3 only lost credibility;
    these mr nobody’s and girls from punjab, north east etc who were nobody suddenly turned into page 3 celebrities, with thousands of friends on facebook and page 3 fame they became host for various launches of bars and lounges;
    who made them happen – media right ?
    now these firang babes and these girls are spreading like wild fire… its also becoming glorified prostitution

  8. Firangi says:

    Im INDIAN but a firangi as I was not born in India, born abroad. Was in India for approximately one year and understand that these publisher’s sometime have a sense of madness and go on sometimes on their own vibes not understanding their surroundings…. but hey.. there’s not much you can say in these circumstances……….. especially when something is already published. What I will say is damn the perpetrators….. and think about what yoru actually saying…. Prostitution has been happening in India for centuries…. all over the world in fact! but yes, wild fire I say

  9. farha says:

    I know this ocean guy…. pimp is an understatement. Along with all his desperate friends, he needs a life lol I think he’s taking the trend a bit too far with acting like an ass ………..and dressing like one too! God knows why people in the industry take this joker so seriously?

  10. anonymous says:

    what’s the dope on the man who hawks flowers on the Internet? after hanging out with the likes of huma hazarika, srishti khanna and teena singh, he’s these days always hanging out with a dozen firang babes!!!!!!!!!!! and his facebook profile has rather revealing stories of the after parties and farm parties where others have to pay to enter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. neha says:

    @ anonymous : i meant the biggies of the page 3 ( delhi socialites)……n yes everything is out in open on Thursday nights in urban pind….!!!!!!!

  12. hmmm says:

    agreed that prostitution is an age old concept.

    all i am saying that the same people we are talking about (some names and references have been made in few earlier comments by others ) have been promoted by the media only. Its media only who have promoted these girls and guys from mr nobody to so called “socialites”

    and also, why only blame firang babes, our desi babes are more into it.

    and yes, these dudes have used firang babes to make the launches, parties, clubs a happening do’s.

  13. huuuuu says:

    Well well, completley agree .. …….. indian babes are same with all firangi girls and all of the woman all over the world, but some are prostitute who are keep parting and making money on it and some are just liking to have a good time……. but pls do not put it on the girls look how all indian men are acting in the clubs once they seeing white scin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and yes – oscen is a big pimp and that guy really cant have no one and no good girl will be around him!
    Urban pind – mixed people can see everything!

  14. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  15. someone says:

    well…one of the reasons these guys have got publicity and the firangis have got publicity cause the guy who owns the media and the biggest newspaper is always hanging out with these guys as well…….. the biggest reason is that he also loves these firangis and associates himself with pimps like ocean and others so that he can have after parties at home and his photographers keep publishing them on Page 3 of his own paper………everyone is involved in having fun ……..

  16. the Ripper says:

    Whats the big fuss about Firangs, when all our indian male psycho has got a tendency to sleep with fair skinned chicks, and as for page 3 and urban pind parties, the HEAD HONCHO of the so called biggest circulations in India also ends up with these firang babes at his poshest home address in delhi, everyone is a part of it, everyone…and thats how these people get desired pictures on page 3… “tey ke me chut bolaya”? 😉

  17. WP Themes says:

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  18. san says:

    all delhi boys sucks!!!!specialy the ones around these nightclubs…looking for gurls….
    they r the cheapest….class? do they even know whats being classi!they live in their own world….looking for white skin…poor complexed guys! from ocean slow motion to yuvraj chawla the gay~mentioned above!

  19. Hmm my fat friend who wears a lot of gold can pick up firangi chics. They think he’s loaded and fawn all over him, really not that hard.

  20. After reading this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this post together. Once again I find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

    nice work on this post. Have read it 2 times already

  21. Voyage says:

    LoL so…this may sound like a completely ignorant question…but who’s Ocean? lol I’m being serious, I thought the comments section would help..but, it seems as if everyone knows what you’re talking about..

  22. jack says:

    A bloke called Sagar Mehra who did a literal translation of his name to hook-up firang babes.

  23. I note that British Petroleum (BP) are buddying up with Russia’s Rosnet to perform deep drilling in the South Kara Sea. LOL… what’s the Russian for Louisiana? Bet we soon find out!

  24. Man says:

    Who is that yuvraj chawla?

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  36. raja says:

    ..I haven’t seen any girls from the north east on page three. I see only north Indian girls.I feel sorry for those girls, receiving flak for things all other girls do.

  37. neha says:

    Hhahah I went thru the entire article and also the comments…. and it was hilarious coz I cld make out the people all were talking abt… ocean… elbow…bald guy… flower guy…. media boss…. quite interesting. …!!

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