Rahul Mishra goes Nostalgic for Winter 2018 Collection

The universal nostalgia that we revel in as an antidote to an uncertain future manifests itself in a vibrant mash-up with a 1970s and 1980s focus for fashion in Autumn/Winter 2018/19. Whether designers are looking back in order to challenge the world we live in or reclaim their heady teenage days, it all plays into a wider search for meaning. Perhaps it’s not actually bygone looks fashion wants to relive, but rather, an elusive time: to make an emotional connection with a lost moment, with youth.

Rahul Mishra too got hooked on to nostalgia for his fall-winter 2018 collection that he showcased in Paris Fashion Week. Mishra states, It is not an attempt to recreate. It is just my method of carrying forward the memory of fabric as I saw in my mother’s closet, the heady music videos of the 1990s where nothing was shocking and the colours burst like fireflies dancing in a discotheque. I have mixed the memories of my lifetime- the kinkhab, the satin, the sequins, the mandatory knit wool sweaters.”

Here enjoy some images from Rahul Mishra’s enthralling fall-winter 2018 collection:

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  1. Neha23 says:

    Hi Jack, this is not a comment just a personal message to you. Have seen your Insta and sometimes your pain is so apparent. Just want to say that there are people out there like me who respect you and care for you. Very few people can go against the herd and speak the hard truth. Now if you want to take little easy and take break go ahead. You deserve an easy going time, sometimes we are too hard on ourselves owing to our proffesion. You deserve break, you deserve life, you deserve lightness. Smile.
    Ps- having a hard time posting here.

  2. FK says:

    Jack.. whats ur insta id?

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