Ravi Bajaj tied the knot!

Dandy designer Ravi Bajaj ain’t single no more…well that’s what an insider told me.

Apparently Mr. Bajaj has tied the nuptial knot in a civil marriage in Las Vegas with his long-time companion, Binti Malhotra who handles the Marketing & Communication aspects of the label Ravi Bajaj. 

Congratulations Ravi and I hope she must be the one who makes the best Espresso and knows the ideal temperature at which one needs to serve your favourite champagne – VCP!

4 Replies to “Ravi Bajaj tied the knot!”

  1. Anthead says:

    So, umm…he’s straight? No not starting any rumours, I genuinely have no idea about Mr. Bajaj’s preferences.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Binti Malhotra originally from Kanpur and family friends daugher. Her sister is married to Archana Airways (earlier) Bhartiya family.

  3. Toms Shoes says:

    Adore this article. Where did you uncover these details?

  4. rany says:

    Old is gold..and money attracts women…well done mr bajaj..still i pity the poor girl who now has no future…

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