Model Designer!

rina dhaka_model2This story is not about an ‘ideal fashion designer’, nor is it about a ‘model-turned-designer’. It is about a respected designer from the Indian fashion fraternity – Rina Dhaka – who, at least I never knew modelled for fashion spreads in the magazines in her earlier days.

Rina Dhaka (standing)

Rina Dhaka (standing)

I stole these pictures from Facebook when it was tagged by a friend of hers. Last night when I saw Rina Dhaka on a TV Debate on ‘Sonakshi going ballistic on her critics commenting on her size’, the anchor, Nidhi Razdan made a passing comment – “Rina you are still so fit…” that I remembered about Rina Dhaka’s modeling shots and thought of posting them.

Yes Rina Dhaka still looks the same size and she can strut on those killer six-inch stilettos and a LBD with much more panache than any teen-aged models of today.

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