Melania Trump ‘In The Buff’!

Donald_Melania TrumpThe New York Post ran a headline story over the weekend that included censored nude photos of Melania Trump. But the uncensored versions are available on the recesses of the Internet so here are the uncensored nude shots of Melania from her modeling days, that you too can enjoy. By the way, this was no Russian hacker job. Just that many people love seeing hot Slovenian models who happen to be married to Donald Trump quite naked. That has to include Donald Trump himself.

melania-trump-naked-in-1995melania-trump-naked-in-1995-651a1d52_web copyProbably it is the first that you get to see the spouse of the major party Presidential nominee naked. If Donald Trump wins the American elections, certainly Melania Trump would be the first First Lady in the history of the White House whose bare bust we’ve seen.

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