Is VOGUE Opting For Topless Covers To Sell More Copies?

VOGUE-Netherlandsedita-vilkeviciute-and-anja-rubik-topless-in-vogue-paris-oct-2013-01-cr1380034565795-435x580The fashion glossy – Vogue has two of its editions – The Dutch and the French graced with topless models on the cover for the October 2013 issue.  Vogue Netherlands got on the act with a photo spread featuring model Ymre Stiekema, 21, dressed in 17th century garments and posing in ways meant to evoke portraits by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer. In the image that’s getting the most attention, Stiekema is half-undressed, breastfeeding a baby.

Time-cover-225x300Angelina_Breast-FeedSure, TIME‘s infamous breastfeeding cover sparked debate last year about extending the practice and added fuel to the “mommy wars” fire. But Angelina Jolie’s personal breastfeeding snaps, which covered W magazine back in 2008, were met with a much more peaceful reception.

anja-rubik-topless-in-vogue-paris-oct-2013-07-cr1380034547931-435x580anja-rubik-topless-in-vogue-paris-oct-2013-03-cr1380034562271-435x580Not only Vogue Netherlands went for a cover baring boobs, the Vogue Paris too joined in the topless adventure with models Edita Vilkeviciute and her supermodel friend Anja Rubik showing off their model funbags on the pages of the glossy. Isn’t it just a stunt to sell more copies? Waaddddyyaaa say???


4 Replies to “Is VOGUE Opting For Topless Covers To Sell More Copies?”

  1. Ishant says:

    In today’s age who’ll be buying a magazine to see pictures of boobs, internet is full of them, of all colours and shapes 😉

  2. thatguy says:

    It isn’t a publicity stunt, it’s expressing their creativity as they know best. to many, its art and to many it’s vulgar. the interpretation lies open from viewer to viewer.
    they dont have to do anything for publicity because it’s at the end of the day it’s Vogue and it has a name that needs no publicity resorting to nudity.

    i feel like perhaps, you, the author, shouldn’t be too quick to judge everything. Well that’s like asking dogs not to bark or asaram not to molest. but not everything doesn’t necessarily have an ulterior motive. Be slightly more open minded and open to different forms of expression of creativity, careers and life choices.

    Cheers x

  3. topless is always very inviting, i am afraid if bottomless makes its way because then there will be scream sand dreams.

  4. jack says:

    Thank you for your point-of-view.
    Respect it!
    Sorry if you felt that I (the author) am beyond reasoning and your suggesting me to be more open-minded is almost like ‘asking Asaram not to molest’.
    Hope I won’t disappoint you in future with my narrow-minded perspective and skewed judgement influenced by ‘ulterior motive’.

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