Caught Without Panty And Subsequent Denials

When Yana Gupta was clicked without her panty she had the guts to be honest in accepting it but others like Shamita Shetty earlier and Preeti Jhangiani most recently resort to denial and blame it on publishers.

I did not understand what delivering a baby got to do with panties (or no panties). Someone please educate me. The photographers who clicked Preeti Jhangiani without her knickers are known to me and I believe them 200%. Jhangiani forgot her panty that evening.

Earlier I had put up some nude shots of Veena Malik, the intolerable Pakistani model. There were vehement denials. But then I can prove it that it was actually Veena Malik in the nude in these photographs. The Tattoo tells all!

2 Replies to “Caught Without Panty And Subsequent Denials”

  1. stupid says:

    yuck…you can see her nipples clearly …shamless creature

  2. hot says:

    she is sexy….stupid u really are stupid…look at her she is exposing..nothing wrong in it…

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