Foolish Of Designers To Let Bollywood Eclipse Their Work

I have been strongly writing about how Bollywood show-stoppers are suicidal for designers – be it jewellery or apparel designers. And yes who should be blamed? Well I blame the media for it!

The India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) concluded in Mumbai last week. But what did I get to read in newspapers & internet and see and hear on television? Nothing but, which filmstar walked the ramp, Lara Dutta’s baby-bump, Sanjay and Manyata Dutt’s debut on the ramp, Zarine Khan’s weight problem and Kalki Koechlin’s impromptu gig. I didn’t get to read anything on the emerging trends in jewellery design, the styles that were most prevalent or even the designers’ whose work were outstanding. In fact most of the media coverage totally ignored the ‘jewellery’ aspect and went on and on about the film star, her upcoming movies and some irrelevant tid-bits. In fact I don’t even know, which star walked for which designer or what brand. The photographs just focussed on the star and blurred the brand on the backdrop or chopped off the designer standing beside. I feel disgusted by such reporting. All I can say that it was an awful waste of money by the jewellery designers and brands.IIJW reporting would easily give the idea that it’s something in the league of IIFA!

Same was with the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour that just wounded up in Mumbai. All the media reporting was limited to Bollywood stars strutting the ramp. In fact on a prominent TV Channel, I saw the cameraman deliberately cutting out the designer from the frame and the selfish stars didn’t utter a word about the designers’ collection.

Time to wisen up guys!

6 Replies to “Foolish Of Designers To Let Bollywood Eclipse Their Work”

  1. mentos says:

    Whats the point of showcasing something on actors when everyone knows
    the actors are going to take all the limelight….
    I dont get why actors have to budge in everything involved with the country be it Cricket,Social causes,marathons,music(PC coming out with her album,her voice is fateyli) or awareness against disease….

    Doosro ke pet par laat marna koi inse sikhe…
    i feel bad for those models….

  2. jattinn kochhar says:

    hhhmmmm! in any case when have the Indian designer’s ever been known for any thing to do with common sense? May lord always surround them with luv, lite, compassion and common sense…..

  3. Glad you brought this up, I agree with all your points, we got to learn nothing about the jewellery on display. Usually fashion designers give out show notes to the attendees and press, jewellery designers should also do the same in order to educate and interest people about their product line.

    It was hard to find out which brand Lara Dutta walked for.

  4. rumor mill says:

    I just feel that bollywood stars is all the country’s got to flaunt..i was so glad that the opening ceremony of CW games they dint hav a bollywood fanfare n instead opted to showcase the culture..same goes for the fashion weeks..all the media seems to b interested in whoz the showstopper for who..that makes the designers really insecure n they donot want to b left behind in the rat everyone succumbs to Btown glam n glitz.So i wld not even blame the designers for it cuz media wld not even focus on ther collection if thet had no bollywood qoutient in ther show..which is kinda sad.

  5. Insights says:

    It is not that media is covering Bollywood; media is PAID by these actors themselves to get coverage. We read Dips as “beautiful” (LOL!!) or that “Dips warns Sid” personal dialogue between two can it get to media unless she has given it to them to project as if Sid is after her!! Sid wud have 1000s like her in his ….. You must have seen other self funded step wise campaigns…like “Preity to replace Ash in Heroine?” followed by ” Preity replaced Ash” and further “After Ash, now Preity for Abhi” !!! – pushing off Ash and all other contenders, making directors believe dat media n ppl want to see her instead. When confronted by Abhi or anyone then swing into further action by twitter denial and then more releases like “Preity miffed at media reports” ..”Preity to take “Abhi and Ash for dinner after coming back from LA” !!
    Same thing in IPL – instead of cricketers we saw them stamping out cricket and remaining in news by their paid campaigns.

  6. Shamashama says:

    Another dirty PR tactic they use is name association – to pass off as young they name associate with sonam and sonakshi with polls like “who is the best style diva – preity, sonam or sonakshi?” …to pass off as talented, name associate with kajol and rani… to pass off as respectable name associate with top notch business men or other big wigs… media manipulation thats what it is

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