Samir Thapar left India and now JCT Football Team Shuts Down was the FIRST to report in November 2010 about Samir Thapar of JCT and few other Thapar Companies selling off everything and leaving India for good. You can read the older post in the Archives or here –…his-properties/ 

JCT, the Thapar Company owned a prestigious football team in India. The team had great players but now with the sudden shut-down of the team as its owner is cooling his heels in Canada, the 20 odd talented players suddenly find themselves in the lurch. Samir Thapar sold off his Lutyen’s Delhi House to DLF for an astounding Rs.300 Crores. Now sources tell me that Rajiv Singh of DLF is rennovating that huge palatial house to gift it to his daughter.

Samy (that’s what friends called Samir) Thapar lived an extravagant life. Fast cars, fast babes and lately his Aurangzeb Road house had become The After-Party Adda in town for every trashy firang girls. All sorts of expat girls – from backpackers to NGO workers to lingerie models illegally working without work-permit landed at Samy’s house for flowing booze, great food, luxuriant bathrooms to powder their nose and much-much more. Samir Thapar’s businesses weren’t doing good. How can they when the man is partying hard every night??? Reportedly he was in huge debts and that’s when he liquidated his properties and moved off to Canada.

Now Ajay Singh who dreamt of making it big when he left his modest home in Ropar last year and signed a two-year deal with JCT has nowhere to go. The young striker, who comes from a poor background, did make his mark by scoring five of JCT’s 17 goals in the I-League but today he is a devastated man. With JCT disbanding the team abruptly, Ajay is jobless. A few clubs approached him immediately at the end of the I-League but he rejected those because he had a two-year contract with JCT. Now, no one knows from where he will receive his next month’s salary.

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  1. sammy t says:

    true…. people like this brink foreign junk and make them kings in india! they are actually the real paupers!

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