Duchess Kate Bowled Out By Tendulkar

duchess1duchess_McQ Paisley dressThe Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate had an eventful day in Mumbai, marked with stark contrast of India’s extreme poverty seen in the slums and the experience of extravagant affluence at  Bollywood gala. The Royal Couple are staying at the Taj Mahal Hotel to show their respect for the victims of the 26/11 terror strike.

duchess_tendulkarduchess-Jennypackham-alexanderMcQ_DongreIt was a game of cricket that started the Indian trip of the most sought after royal couple. Kate was caught and bowled by none other than Sachin Tendulkar while Dilip Vengsarkar looked on. Dressed in Anita Dongre casual dress, the kids were amazed at how quick the Princess was on her feet even in her high wedges.

duchess_ash_srkduchess_bollywoodDuchess Kate’s fashion quotient is under observation at all times. She arrived in Mumbai wearing a red Alexander McQueen dress with paisley work. The ‘paisley’ was for the ‘India affect’, I guess.

Later the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge attended a Bollywood fundraising gala. She looked electric in a blue Jenny Packham (Kate’s favorite designer) sari-gown. Everybody and anybody from Bollywood were there...If Sophie Choudhary and tax evader, Sheetal (Mafatlal) can be there, anybody can be there. The couple met SRK in sad looking tuxedo, Aishwarya Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sonam Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and the whole zing-bang. 

10 Replies to “Duchess Kate Bowled Out By Tendulkar”

  1. Nupur S says:

    Is that Sheetal Mafatlal, next to Sophie?

  2. Sara says:

    How come Sophie Choudhary gets an invite to all the social events?

  3. Loveleen says:

    I just wonder how Sophie get invited to all the parties?? How she can afford to have this kind of lifestyle?? Her sugardaddy is already married to Asin now..Also was surprised to see Kanika Kapoor in the party…is it because of her merit or bcos SRK was host…..

  4. pinky says:

    @nupur-yes thats, Sheetal Mafatlal.

  5. SG says:

    Hey Jack who is Sophie’s sugar daddy? It sort of appears cheap when someone attends every possible event in the city. & speaking of sugar daddy’s is Mallika Sherawat’s boyfriend just a cover up for her other activities? ‘Coz recently in her interviews she mentioned how rich she became with her item numbers & how she is able to support her lavish style with that money. Considering her last item numbers were few years back its hard to believe….

  6. Jag Jivan says:

    Poor bolly Alisters. Downgrading themselves by being seen at the same do as Sophie and Sheetal. Much better if SRK and Ash had stayed away and let the workshy Brit moochers mingle with the wannabe star kids. India should quit the Commonwealth right now.

  7. Nupur S says:

    For some reason Manish has always stood by Sheetal Mafatlal– she even walked the ramp for his charity show featuring ‘women of achievers’ two years ago.

  8. Nupur S says:

    Jack, tell us more about Bandra’s A-lister couple and the Baba factor that got the husband to file a police complaint. Mumbai Mirror’s front page story today.

  9. Colossial says:

    Jack do you know Sophie Chaudhury’s sugar daddy. Are all cases against Sheetal Mafatlal has been withdrawn? Why a person like her gets entry in such a event. Why Manish Malhotra supports these two shady women?

  10. Urooj says:

    Look like Kate spend some great time in India

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