Shahrukh Khan Has Something For The Songstresses

Kanika Kapoor_Shahrukh Khan

Kanika Kapoor_Shahrukh Khan

29-pi-1I still haven’t got my finger on that one thing that Shahrukh Khan has for the female singers. Wonder what it is! SRK’s soft-corner for Priyanka Chopra, especially when she was trying to establish herself as a singer is now a well-debated story. People got them married too. But yeah Shahrukh went all out to help Priyanka Chopra wether it was helping her to tie-up with Pit Bull or Akon or helping her with top-notch producers in the US.



Now Shahrukh Khan is doing the same with one-song-wonder, Kanika Kapoor. He got her the gig at IPL gala in Abu Dhabi and also a song in his movie – Happy New Year. Kanika did the ‘Mohini’ number , a-la Tezaab for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year. I have attached a small video clipping of Happy New Years promo where SRK takes Kanika’s name. Have you ever heard Shahrukh take a singer’s name in a movie promo? Forget him taking a singer’s name, he hasn’t ever taken the name of the movie’s music director(s) ever! Here is the video: SRK2

It is not easy to make a foothold in Bollywood but with backers like SRK, Kanika Kapoor is having a dream run. Kanika has signed up with the Moranis’ Cineyug for international shows and Shahrukh has advised her to have some other promoter for the India market. In fact it is SRK who helped Kanika for an album that’s going to feature Kanika with comedy-king Kapil Sharma.


10 Replies to “Shahrukh Khan Has Something For The Songstresses”

  1. Lovely says:

    FashionScandal. Some more deets please on how SRK pulled strings to plug Priyanka’s non-starter pop career in the US? He may be a Don in Mumbai, but surely not in the record exec boardrooms of LA?! How much money did he have to throw at them??? Priyanka is certainly giving the impression that they are still very much an item, even if he has succumbed to the charms of another songstress. I know that he flew her back from a filmshoot for an afterparty to celebrate receiving his French honour recently. Also, what’s the story with SRK and the Morani’s? I know that the Indian community in Australia were pretty upset when the government paid him a ridiculous sum to perform in Sydney and Perth some time ago – one of the reasons being the dubious dealings of the Moranis (the show organizers) as well as the phenomenal amount that was paid which they felt could have been much better spent on promoting events for the actual community instead of a Bollywood concert. And BTW. Congratulations again on another great scoop. Thanks muchly for bringing us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the pure, unadulterated truth. Big Mwah ; )

  2. Lovely says:

    Economic Times reported that Karim Morani got special permission from the 2G court to leave India and accompany SRK on the Slam tour. Shows how seriously the govt is taking the 2G prosecutions. But what do you expect when that Sharma character can get away with doing time in a 5* hotel, Salman Khan can evade trial for 14+ years, and Sunjay Dutt spends more time out on parole than behind bars!

  3. bob says:

    Recently Priyanka said that she is not single. There is a news article about a Toronto nikah between Shahrukh and her. What is really going on?

  4. Colossial says:

    Jack you wrote an article that Kanika kapoor is Anil Aggarwal’s mistress. So has Mr.Aggarwal dumped her so she is clinging to SRK?

  5. Pegandahat says:

    I heard she is still on with him. Jack please tell us the intricate life of SRK

  6. jack says:

    He has dumped her for younger ones!

  7. lolooo says:

    jack please can you write something about hrithik and katrina affair, is it true? what about ranbir/alia? do ranbir/kat do all this stuff like moving in and etc as a publicity stunt? please answer

  8. Pegandahat says:

    Ooh I am just curious as to who this young ones are.

  9. Neha says:

    Jack, you seem to be ignoring aal queries on the truth abt Hrithik and Kat 🙁

  10. Lovely says:

    Jack! Is this liason happening with Gauri’s blessing? There are photos of her at this Goa Planet Bollywood launch event – that too posing with Queen Khan. So I find it hard to believe that there’s a l’il sumthin sumthin happening between KK & SRK. LOL!

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