Now AMR Joins Hands With Vijay Singh for An Alternative Couture Week in Delhi

There seems to be no end to fashion politics and no dearth of designers falling prey to people attempting at fracturing the fashion fraternity. Remember Vijay Singh – the man who had formed FDPC and had ambitious plans to disintegrate FDCI – is still at his games. Not satisfied with the lack-lustre Sahara India Bridal Week that he has been hosting for the past three years, Vijay Singh yesterday held a press conference to announce a year in advance about his Couture Week in Delhi in the year 2013.

Remember yet another Real Estate Group – AMR – that recently formed Indian Fashion Council, which later was renamed as Indian Fashion Company and boasted about forming a platform to promote Young Designers has now dumped ‘young designers‘ and joined hands with Vijay Singh to sponsor the Couture Week. I always doubted AMR’s intention and wrote about it in my various posts. Now that they are sponsoring an alternative couture week, AMR’s lie is exposed. You can read my earlier posts here:

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At the Press Conference held yesterday jointly by Vijay Singh and AMR, the dates were announced – 2nd August 2013 to 6th August 2013. The intent is clear to hold it before the FDCI organised Delhi Couture Week. The ace up the sleeves of the new couture week is Tarun Tahiliani and it has been announced that Tarun Tahiliani will be the Grand Finale couturier. Other designers present at the conference were Ashima-Leena, Shantanu – Nikhil and JJ Valaya (who later re-iterated that he will be part of the FDCI’s Delhi Couture Week). Rocky S and Vikram Phadnis are also supposedly part of this alternative Couture Week.

I yet again ask – do we need two Couture Weeks back to back in Delhi? Should designers who are members of FDCI ( a body constituted by them and for them) participate in an alternate couture/fashion week? Is it the lure of money that is making designers opt for an alternative organiser? What does the alternate Couture Week bring extra to the table that FDCI’s Couture Week doesn’t?


2 Replies to “Now AMR Joins Hands With Vijay Singh for An Alternative Couture Week in Delhi”

  1. Yudhajit Dutta says:

    I told u so…. and more shit is gonna come out soon….

  2. rohan says:

    I must say certain A LIST DESIGNERS are so much shameless and publicity bhuka –that even if there are 5 couture weeks happens in delhi –u will find them they want to be part of every Fashion weeks. only because of these few designers there r soo many unwanted fashion weeks happening in every b and c class cities of india. like after one bridal asia show there r hundreds of wedding shows happening all over. i was shocked to see designer of jatin koccher level participating in a low standard circus call–punjab international fashion week happened in ludhiana recently.

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