Blatant Nepotism @ India Bridal Fashion Week

Jotsna Tiwari with Husband Vijay SinghIn ten days the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 takes off for the first time in Delhi. The pet project of Vijay Singh supported by the Sahara Group has gone on a media blitzkrieg with newspaper advertisements and paid editorials through Medianet at Times of India and Brand Solution at Hindustan Times.

Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week2013_Jacqueline Fernandez_AdvertisementSonakshi Sinha_Jyotsna Tiwari_Bridal Week 2012Jacqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassadress of the event and Vijay Singh, the organiser of the Bridal Week has ensured that the Bollywood actress walks exclusive for his wife – Jyotsna Tiwari’s show. Yes I know Alia Bhatt is going to strut the ramp for the finale show by Tarun Tahiliani but it is Jacqueline who is splurged across the print advertisements in Jyotsna Tiwari ensemble. The Advertisements doesn’t fail to give due credit to the fact in print at the the left-hand-bottom corner. In fact Jyotsna Tiwari has been availing this privilege at all the Bridal Weeks courtesy her hubby, Vijay Singh.

Alia Bhatt_Tarun Tahiliani_FinaleCould you imagine a designer – Jyotsna Tiwari – who more than once failed to qualify at FDCI hosted shows getting such a regal treatment and sharing the slot with an established designer like Rina Dhaka??? Jab Mian Hawaldar, Kis Baat Ka Darr! I guess none of the designers are protesting this blatant nepotism as they are paid handsomely to participate in the Bridal Week.


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  1. Woww! Though the best part is that, most of the country ain’t seeing these ads, because they neither read english papers, and the ones who do, are busy typing their own words on each others comment walls on the social national facebook. So, it’s like saying ‘Royal Frogs influencing loyal frogs in a well’ while everyone else are at the ball.

  2. Filmikeeda says:

    Nice post! Can you do a post on all the famous people living in the closet?
    If it is too risky how about a blind item about all the biggies who are gay?
    Heard Vidhoo Vinod Chopra is gay?


    Well JD finally it proves money power overtakes loyalty,creativity,ethics etc etc ! I thought only the models brigades are not loyal and succumb to money powers but this time few of our A list most talented Designers succumb to this dirty games played with money !

  4. Sonia says:

    Hey Jack,

    What happened to designer Narendra Kumar Ahmed? Did he lose a bet or something? I just saw his hideous hairstyle and bizarre make-up at some swiss album launch on Pinkvilla. He seemed normal up until recently …any idea what happened?

  5. Call_a_Spade_a_spade says:

    Dear FS,
    Thanks for sharing such blunders happening in Indian fashion Industry (also referring to the number of fashion weeks that happen in India). Very soon, we will also see each of our established designers leading a Fashion Week. Might not be a bad idea since everyone gets handsomely paid and then of course, the fact that we are also a model and actor churning factory, we will end up giving employment to many more than what we do right now.
    Anyways, the point of the comment is not that.. What I wanted to point out was ” What’s happening with Vogue Fashion Fund?
    For starters, The Vogue India Fashion Fund is part of a global initiative to mentor the next generation of fashion designers. Started in India in 2012 in collaboration with Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), the Fund brings together a panel of industry experts to identify six finalists and one winner. (source:
    Guess, who the finalists are this year?
    While I personally have nothing against any of them. One does wonder how come Masaba who is already part of Satya Paul house and had exhibited the same line in WLIFW is considered ” upcoming and next generation” while others are actually upcoming. How can we compare Oranges and Apples…
    Or in this case, newbies vs Designers backed by Fashion Houses.
    Food for thought or just pure politics?
    One does wonder….

    Keep us posted what you find.

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