Men With Dubious Agendas @ Delhi Couture Week

I believe in one fashion body for the welfare of the fashion fraternity in India. But then there are many who disagree with me and believe in ‘more the merrier’. Everybody has the right to their esteemed opinion. But I think everyone will agree that it is absolutely unethical for an alternative fashion body to use the FDCI organised PCJ Delhi Couture Week to market and propagate their event. Kuch toh Sharm Karo!

At the post show party of JJ Valaya, Vijay Singh of FDPC that hosts the Bridal Week in alliance with Sahara virtually had a mini Press Conference hard-selling his Bridal Week. Vijay Singh, his wife Jyotsna, Marc Robinson (choreographer of Bridal Week) and couple of models found the gathering of media an opportune moment to plug the Bridal Week. This is absolutely not done when you are a guest at the FDCI organised event. Vijay Singh, Marc Robinson and gang could have done their Bridal Week marketing at the hotel lobby or in their suite and nobody would have had complained. But it is absolutely unprofessional and grossly unethical to come as a guest to an FDCI event and use the platform to propagate the Bridal Week where designers are lured in by mega bucks to participate.

Anyway I am not passing any judgement on FDPC or Vijay Singh’s event but I felt what happened last night was absolutely wrong. Grow up guys and show some maturity!

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  1. Ramp Watcher says:

    Marc Robinson is undoubtedly one of the most unethical people in the fashion industry! We senior models cant stand him. He is obnoxious and looks like a buffalo now.

  2. rohan says:

    marc is heavily into pimping small time female models to the gulf–disgusting marc robinson and publicity bhuka vijay singh

  3. Ravi says:

    This is absurd, Marc & his organization are linked with Femina Miss India as well, to be so illegal was not predicted at all.

    Vijay Singh was also caught sometime returning for a scams.

    Agreed, we should have one Fashion institution for whole style fraternity, probably we can have further sub divisions within this organization only.

    Hope this happens & Fashion market don’t get the tag like political figures

  4. hahahaha… interesting times going to be back soon… watch out…

  5. jack says:

    Yudhajit all this are temporary hitches. Money can take you only a short distance…that’s it…cheers!

  6. raj says:

    Marc for a fact is one of the most unethical person, I hav had senior models telling me that if you don’t suck up to him, he makes sure u don’t work at the event he is a part off, he tried to control lakme fashion week also in the talent department, he shouts, misbehaves and does not treat the new models in nice way, and vijay singh is a guy full of scams, sanjay khan got him into jail for a forgery of 10cr, while he was doing something with tourism industry, he has not been clear of that till now, and on top it this man is still to clear up dues of his bridal week, and how unethical one u run a rival fashion week and on top it u go to your rivals event and try and market yourself there, how sad is that, may be he should learn a thing or two from mr. Sethi, who is not even seen at an event which is parallel to any of the fdci events.

  7. LWFOI says:

    Fashion World is a very small place guys. I was a witness to the evening and the facts stated in the article are not truly represented. Mr. Vijay Singh and team were there to launch their Luxury Wedding division the following day and were personal guests of the designer that evening. There was no mention or intension of promoting their own Fashion Week. You can check out Delhi Times Page 3 today to know the facts.
    We live in a democratic Country, you have the right to express what you feel but at least get your facts right!

  8. jack says:

    Yes LWFOI I did read your ambitious plans in Delhi Times. But the piece would had been more credible if you didn’t buy editorial through Medianet to shout out your plan. Even Luxury Wedding scheme did not merit propaganda at somebody else’s event. For most of us it was JJ Valaya’s ‘off-site’ couture presentation at PCJ Delhi Couture Week and his post-show party.
    Hijacking a platform is unethical and that’s about it. Many will agree with me and some will agree with you. A spade is a spade for me and that’s what I write!

  9. rohan says:

    let me tel LWFOI–delhi times write ups are not credentials at all–as a fashion person myself working in this fashion industry for long–i know all delhi times write ups r paid ones. delhi times even write about designers who operates from their garages ! as per one pay media net the can get any bull shit written about themselves and abt their events in delhi times. mr. vijay singh is a tainted jail returned guy and mr. marc robinson–the great choreographer–the less we talk about him and his sub standard choreographed shows the better it is ?/

  10. Yudhajit Dutta says:

    Money and good contacts can u take u far nowadays…. THe plan is on schedule… i know that…

  11. Shanky says:

    its a sham. vijay singh is scrupulous guy and marc a glorified pimp!! mr dutta, money talks….point is it cant buy real talent. the bridal week and all such events do no good to the industry..vijay singh gate crashed sabysachi’s show at delhi couture week and for a man who says ‘fasion’ for fashion..less said better!

  12. Yudhajit Dutta says:

    point taken…

  13. VK says:

    OMG. I knew Mark was arrogant, but didn’t know he was so so unpopular among the Fashion Fraternity.

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