Priyanka Chopra Sizzles In A Swimsuit in ‘Exotic’. See the COMPLETE Video Here!

Priyanka Chopra_Swimsuit_Exotic VideoPriyanka Chopra sure knows how to lure in people. In her recently released Single – Exotic, Piggy Chops dons a flesh toned swimsuit to grab the eyeballs. Chopra has been getting overwhelming response for Exotic from her fans and music buffs across the world. The Single is No. 1 on iTunes India.

Priyanka_Chopra_Pitbull_ExoticIn Exotic PC collaborated with Pitbull. This is what Priyanka Chopra said, “I recorded ‘Exotic’ in Ibiza with musical genius and visionary RedOne and none other than Mr. Worldwide aka Pitbull. Together they helped me create a hot and sexy summer anthem that I am so proud of! This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to share this song and the rest of the album with you!”

Here is the FIRST COMPLETE Exotic video:


4 Replies to “Priyanka Chopra Sizzles In A Swimsuit in ‘Exotic’. See the COMPLETE Video Here!”

  1. sakshi says:

    Don’t get why a Superstar in India who delivered performances like those in Barfi and Fashion would purposely downsize herself to a c-grade level international pop star wanna be. With all due respect.

  2. silver says:

    Cringe. Trying very hard to be JLo. Not. Atrocious song, overtly auto-tuned voice and just so dated. she should stick to acting.

  3. vml says:

    I’m second-hand embarrassed for her. The song, choreography, fashion, auto-tune voice – all so dated. Epic fail.

  4. Sajeeda says:

    song looks tacky. what about secret nikah news? is it true?

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