Wedding In Mahtani Family ‘n’ What A Catch!

Sanjay Gopichand HindujaAnu MirchandaniNow don’t get ideas about Nandita Mahtani getting hitched again. I am talking about London based Anu Mirchandani, the elder sister of Nandita Mahtani. And the best part is that Anu who is 40 now is getting hitched to the scion of the Asia’s richest Indian family. Yes Anu Mirchandani most likely will tie the knot with Sanjay Gopichand Hinduja this year.

Sophie-ChaudharyNaina-BachchanThe self proclaimed ‘Kaaftan Queen’ Anu Mirchandani has been dating Sanjay Hinduja – the Chairman of Gulf Oil for quiet some time. But then the 48-year-old Sanjay had his fair share of link-ups. Around 2005 the buzz was that Naina Bachchan, the daughter of Ajitabh and Ramola Bachchan is likely to get married to Sanjay Hinduja. But then it never happened and Naina now seeing Kunal Kapoor. Around 2008 Sophie Choudhary was intensely pursuing Sanjay Hinduja. In fact when Sanjay hosted the Aston-Martin bash in Mumbai in 2008, Sophie was de-facto hostess.

Gopi_Sanjay HindujaMahtanis_Anu_Nandita_MomI guess with age everybody gets tamed and the 48-year-old billionaire Sanjay Hinduja is finally settling down. As per my sources, Anu Mirchandani and Sanjay Hinduja are officially engaged. Anu has a 18-year-old son – Rohail from her previous marriage. By the way Anu Mirchandani and Nandita Mahtani jointly run their store Ananya in London and Mumbai and claim to have international celebrity clientele flocking in.

6 Replies to “Wedding In Mahtani Family ‘n’ What A Catch!”

  1. raj agarwal says:

    hello mr news maker -yes sanjay has had his fir share of flings and affairs -for the record he is 50+ AND NOT 48

    best of luck to the couple and good wishes to GP and his most Gracious wife Sunita -to become DADA DADI SOON

  2. tara says:

    How can Anu be 40 when Nandita is near 40? Hinduja or not this guy is hideous! She can do much better! Obviously money talks.

  3. Who Cares? says:

    Tara, sexist as it may sound Anu is “damaged” goods with a divorce behind her. Worse, she’s pushing 40’s and has a teenager from her previous marriage. Most men her age, especially men with money, will be looking for far younger arm candy with a longer “shelf” (read:sex) life. Considering her age etc., she’s really done well for herself. Women her age can at most hope for a secret boy toy who they can be sugar mommy to and/or an averagely moneyed man in his 40’s.
    Btw, it’s quite obvious that Nandita got the better part of the family looks…what’s up with her? Is she ever going to end up marrying Dino or just spend the rest of her life being his 3 AM booty call?

  4. peter says:

    this is hilarious – Anu does have a history of paying for men..she stalked sanjay and now she is desperate to wed him…any day the announcement is to be made this article says…yep we’re hoping for Anu – damaged goods with chicken legs – he can’t do anything without the family permission because being a looser with no credibilty in his own name except for being known as a ‘Hinduja’ a name built by his elders, prettier and younger girls go for self-made men.

    Good luck to the chicken in legs waiting and to the old man under the thumb of his family…perfect match:)

  5. peter says:

    ooohhh by the way…years ago all this rubbish about Anu having celebs as ‘muses’ – well truth be told she paid Jacobi Gough Calthorpe through his now bankrupt agency Magnum Communications PR back then to promote her cheap brand – Isabella Ggough Calthorpe is his sister who apparently was her star muse – go figure. Naomi Campbell wearing her designs? Where’s the images? Anu is a sad, sad woman desperately proving to the world she is somebody but still being a fraud each time. Sanjay please marry her and take her out of misery once and for all…still waiting for the ‘any day’ announcement…months rolling on…z z z zz…yes announcement to be made ‘any day’ years on z z z z z

  6. peter says:

    hahaha laughing so much…celebs flocking into her store – so many came through that the store is now closed…lol

    God I love this kind of reporting, make me chuckle…

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