Identify and Win a Pair of Designer Sunglasses

Sophie Choudhary is seeing a Delhi-based businessman. Did you ask ‘Sophie Who‘??? Well Sophie Choudhary is a singer, Item Number in Bollywood, regular starlet who performs at lavish weddings and a Mumbai Page Three regular.

Long time back when Sophie Choudhary kind of just entered Bollywood, she was rumoured to be seeing Bhushan Kumar of T-Series. Sophie-Bhushan story did not last long.

Now she is seeing a wealthy entrepreneur based out of Delhi and this has been on for quiet some time now…at least a year if not more. Here is their picture but I thought I would rather let the readers identify Sophie Choudhary’s man and hence morphed the guy’s face. Oh yeah the first one to send the correct answer will win a pair of designer sunglasses. Since the Sun is blazing I thought sunglasses makes for a good incentive.

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