Unsung Heroes of the Fashion World

Fashion is not necessarily always about glitter and glamour; about flambuoyant designers and larger-than-life fashion shows. Fashion is at times a tool for rehabilitation, empowerment and freedom. Welcome to the world of Antislavery Pants.

With a fun name, an even more playful style, and a story you want to share, Punjammies makes a noteworthy social enterprise. 

Punjammies was created by the International Princess Project, and is a bright line of lounge pants created by women in India who were once forced into prostitution. After a woman escapes from prostitution, it is difficult for her to be accepted in society, and finding another income earning opportunity can be impossible for many. Fortunately there are aftercare centres like the International Princess Project who help them back on their feet. 

The employment opportunity with Punjammies allows women to rebuild their lives with dignity and confidence, and the sale of their handmade pants allows them to earn fair wages and gain access to counselling, medical care and education.

“Every PUNJAMMIE™ tells the story of a woman who was once voiceless,” the site says. “You can be a part of rebuilding lives shattered by modern-day slavery. Wear PUNJAMMIES™. Wear hope.” Here is the link to the Punjammies Site where you can shop for cool Antislavery Pantshttp://www.punjammies.com




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  1. nitya bajaj birla says:

    im happy and touched to know this!and love the nameeeee!!!

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