IIFA 2013 Awards Nite Snapshots

Shahid Kapoor_Shahrukh Khan_IIFA 2013Deepika Padukone_IIFA 2013I got this images courtesy a friend who was at Macau for IIFA 2013. Have a look! I hate the shiny suit that Shahrukh Khan is wearing. And what’s with his penchant for Velvet??? In this glitzy suit the velvet lapels make it look more tacky. Vidya Balan, well less said the better and is Parineeti Chopra trying to do the Angelina thingy with her thigh-high slit gown???


SRK_IIFA 2013Anurag Basu_Anushka Sharma_IIFA 2013

Sahid_SRK_Parineeti_IIFA 2013

Anushka Sharma_IIFA 2013Sridevi_Bonney Kapoor_IIFA 2013Abhishek Bachchan_Vidya Balan_IIFA 2013

2 Replies to “IIFA 2013 Awards Nite Snapshots”

  1. alice says:

    For some reason Deepika’s gown is doing nothing to her. She could have opted for something more appealing.
    SRK – ignore! dislike!
    Anushka & Sridevi – 🙂 thumbs up
    Parineeti – why do women spread their legs and stand or pose when wearing a high slit gown. And those red shoes eakksss!
    Vidya – given up on her!

  2. akoya says:

    need some inside scoop on AbRam…

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