Breathless in Delhi

We the denizens of the Capital have no option but to live in the ‘gas chamber’ that Delhi has turned into. Netas have no solution and all they do is pass the buck on to someone else. I don’t know how the present government felt when they welcomed Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles in to smog engulfed Delhi. The present government is conscious about India’s image abroad but the two-day visit of the  British Royalty has got the British media talking about Delhi’s toxic air. Reportage on the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall’s visit that included a luncheon party at the British High Commissioner’s residence for annual ‘Elephant Family’ celebration and their meeting with Prime Minister in the evening went amiss.

The Sun reported“Charles and Camilla arrive in Delhi just in time for the worst smog in 17 years to cause a health emergency and force schools to close.” 

The Telegraph carried the headline, “Royals arrive in New Delhi amid public health emergency, as toxic smog forces all schools to shut.”

The Majesty Magazine reported, “Our November issue, in which we celebrate the Queen and Prince Philip’s … Prince Charles and Camilla visit Delhi where air is as bad as ‘smoking 50 cigarettes a day.”

Even our B-Town stars like Varun Dhawan, Pareeniti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor twitted selfies sporting masks as they are in Delhi to shoot for their films.

But none of this humiliation will make any difference. The people in power are busy campaigning and claiming ‘India is the ultimate global destination’!

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  1. Akshaj says:

    Does anyone know why all the gliteratti from Mumbai and Delhi in Udaipur for Wonderflip ? Saw Surily and Sunaina of LV over there…. Btw Waris Ahluwalia of House of Waris had amazing bday party at Sujan Rajmahal last week

  2. Neil says:

    Large parts of north india are covered by the smog, but who gives a f**k….it is only Delhi that matters….other citizens can go and f**k themselves.

  3. vedika says:

    What about the Khemkas Sun Industry? I heard trouble brewing between Uday and wife?

  4. vedikaa says:

    what about khemkas?

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