Here’s Golden Louis Vuitton Commode

Illma Gore, an American artist who loves to tear-apart monogramed luxury goods to create art pieces made a golden commode by tearing apart Rupees 13 Lakh worth of Louis Vuitton handbags. This one-of-a-kind commode is up for sale on a Online site – Tradesy for £76,000, which is approximately Rupees 65.40 Lakhs. Do note that this Loo-uis Vuitton commode does not come with LV monogramed toiled paper!

Illma was in news when she made a portrait of then Presidential candidate, Donald Trump with a micropenis. Following this, a Trump supported punched her on the face and Illma posted her punched-face photograph on Instagram.

Her other artistic work created out of destructed luxury goods are a LV bust of Abraham Lincoln and a Gucci missile.“I personally love the idea of what it felt like to cut up a $2000 bag,” Gore said on creating the toilet. “The urge to destroy is just the same as a creative urge.”

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