Naked Poonam Pandey Miffed Kolkata

On Tuesday night, the slut-and-a-half called Poonam Pandey caused furore in Kolkata. Reasons – a Kolkata daily published a picture of Poonam Pandey in the nude posing with the picture frame of Sachin Tendulkar depicted as Lord Vishnu and a Pakistani cricketer bowing down before her. This picture was enough to outrage the Muslim population of Kolkata who took to the streets and caused a six-hour long traffic jam on the already busy streets of Kolkata.

It is blasphemous for the followers of Islam to bow their head in front of any deity and that too in front of a Hindu deity held by a totally naked woman. By the way the photograph is a morphed one of Poonam Pandey but the whole tamasha that she created by announcing to strip if the Indian Cricket Team won the World Cup doesn’t seem to leave her . Every time a cricket tournament is on Poonam Pandey jokes and slugfest takes off.

Pandey should have thought about the repercussions of announcing such idiotic ideas and then not keeping her promise. No point getting annoyed at the publication that printed the morphed image. The slut open the can of worms and now cannot control it. But the bitches like Poonam Pandey can go to any extent for some cheap publicity.

6 Replies to “Naked Poonam Pandey Miffed Kolkata”

  1. Tab says:

    So true Jack! This is not even cheap publicity, but pathetic publicity.. Even worse than Rakhi Sawant.

  2. rohan says:

    poonam pandey is a publicity bhukhi prostitute–rakhi sawant has some class in front of her

  3. balan r says:

    I justify the protest by Muslims. What about Hindus? Lord Maha Vishnu has been wrongly depicted with the face of Sachin and no right thinking hindus, including the so called Savior organisation like RSS and BD are tight lipped. Is it, they are bowled by the morphed picture of Poonam or regretting that, Poonam herself did not pose nude? Shame on Hindus and its religious leaders.

    balasubramanian, bangalore

  4. jehanzeb says:

    shes a cheap whore and she shud be fucked on the roads by awara dogs.. hate this kind of thing.. one shud respect others religion either its hindu or muslim..

  5. rahul says:

    ahhhh not again. bro plz dont make these types of pics. we need peace in this earth not war. respect other u get respect. And if u are true lover of sports so get the sportsman spirit. GOD bless u.

  6. fahad says:

    poonam pandey fucking bitch and all india prostitute

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