Desi Gals Stripping for Anything

The Poonam Pandey syndrome of stripping for anything is fast spreading. The last to join that silly bandwagon was Reema Sharma who claims to have done three movies down South. Newz88 approached Reema Sharma to pose in the nude to empower their protest against Auto rickshaw fare hike in Maharashtra and Reema agreed.

Reema said, “Newz 22 approached me and asked me to be a part of the protest against a lot of tampered fare meters in Mumbai.” She said that when she was asked to pose nude in front of the camera for the cause she didn’t feel bad about it. Wow what a big-hearted lady she is. I am not sure if she was remunerated by Newz88 for posing nude.

There have been others who stripped for benevolent causes. Nisha Yadav – claimed to be coming in a movie – stripped for fighting corruption and to prevent clogged drains in monsoon.

Rozlyn Khan too followed the footsteps of Poonam Pandey and she did a nude photo shoot to support Dhoni as she said the even if Dhoni lost the final of IPL, she still supports him. She also did a nude photo shoot to spread awareness about the breast cancer.

Kavita Radheshyam did a nude photo shoot to spread awareness in regards to save the tiger.


2 Replies to “Desi Gals Stripping for Anything”

  1. Jaswant says:

    Good for nothing models… with no shame and class

  2. Stalker says:

    Hey Jaswant, at least stop touching yourself while saying that.

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