Socialite To Metamorphose Into Brand Ambassadress



Tanisha Mohan

Tanisha Mohan

The word ‘Remington’ must be taking you on a nostalgic trip to the days of typewriters. Well most of us (at least the men) associate Remingtom with typewriter or Remington Steele – The TV series epitomized by Pierce BrosnanThe origins of the “Remington” name date back to the formation of E. Remington and Sons, a firearms maker founded in 1816. E. They made occasional forays into products but its most significant side venture was when inventor Christopher Sholes persuaded the firearms company to help him develop the typewriter with the QWERTY keyboard, which is still the standard today. But now Remington is the hautest name in women and men grooming products. Priyanka Chopra uses it and so does Tina Fey of Hollywood. Celebrities swear by the Sleek & Curl straighteners by Remington. They are coated with Teflon Ceramic Tourmaline and heat up in just 15 seconds.





Now Remington is coming to India with a Joint Venture partner and guess who is the Brand Ambassadress of the iconic Remington Grooming Products for the India…It’s none other than socialite cum fashionista – Tanisha Mohan. I won’t say much wether Tanisha qualifies to be a Brand Ambassadress of such a reputed global brand but this much I can say that her immense networking skills will definitely push the brand immensely.



A bit of history on Remington – When Victor Kiam died in 2001 the family sold Remington to the battery company Rayovac. Rayovac changed its name to Spectrum Brands and markets Remington brand men’s and women’s electric shavers, hair clippersbeard and moustache trimmers, nose and ear hair trimmers, foot massagersmake-up mirrors, heated hair rollers, blow dryers, and curling irons and flat irons.


14 Replies to “Socialite To Metamorphose Into Brand Ambassadress”

  1. Kaveri says:


    Did you know there was trouble in VB-SRK marriage? PV carried the article today morning but I think they’ve been asked to remove the page

  2. jack says:

    Kaveri, SRB is known infamously as the ‘Beater’. That’s why his earlier marriages failed. Hope this time his infamy is not the cause of the rift between VB and SRK.

  3. Ss says:

    Jack! Love you bud.. Love your passion and courage. We love your website and will keep coming back for more. Make sure you take care though and don’t risk anything that’s too valuable like your life and peace of mind for your job. That being said, yours is the only location for authentic news items from the entertainment segment. Would love to hear more about srk-PC, suzzane- Arjun and .. Kat-ranbir.

  4. Lovely says:

    Noooooooo. Don’t burst out bubble on this one. I want a happily forever after for Madame Balan!

  5. jack says:

    sorry I think your bubble will burst!

  6. Nikki says:

    Any guess on this. Gauri?

    Posted in Midday by Malavika Sangghvi

    A study case
    AND even as everyone is talking about Suzanne ( in pic) and Hrithik filing for divorce and the whopping alimony involved, it’s only a handful of industry insiders who know that Suzanne isn’t the only star wife who had contemplated this step a few months ago in the face of a failing marriage. What is known to a handful of close confidantes is the fact that she had planned to take the step in tandem with another star wife ” who chickened out at the last moment and is giving her marriage a second chance.
    The impact on Bollywood couples from Suzanne’s move cannot be underestimated, and how her life unfolds in the coming years is being closely watched by Bollywood wives ” and their husbands!

  7. jack says:

    She is hinting on the VBalan and Sid Roy Kapu. Things aren’t rosy between then and then SRK is infamously known as a “W*** Beater”. All his past marriages – 3 of them if I m right broke coz his itchy hand. Hope VB doesn’t hang on till the beating goes berserk

  8. Nikki says:

    Jack, I was talking about this blind posted by Malavika. It is related to a star wife who is close to Suzanne.

  9. Kaveri says:

    The said PV page is up today…’trouble in paradise’. Apparently, SRK got close with an ex when VB was away on tours!!! Imagine!!!

  10. buttercup says:

    It says star wife.. I thought it must b gauri but then if seems they had been planning a baby all along… vb should leave if he is what he is infamous for… Why do these ladies fall for such guys?

  11. Kaveri says:

    Two new blind items in Mumbai Mirror today.
    ‘Diarist reveals that a certain Miss World who has been battling weight issues got admitted at Andheri’s Seven Hills Hospital for a tummy tuck. She is sporting voluminous clothing but soon could be spotted in body con dresses for her much awaited comeback’

    ‘Influential filmmaker who has been lavishing love on one of his protégés is headed for a heartbreak. Keen to settle down with his find….but said find, a starling has no such intentions of settling down with his lover and mentor’

  12. etios says:

    @buttercup: “Why do these ladies fall for such guys?”

    The Answer is very clear my friend 🙂

    “Kya paisa paisa karti hai kyon paise pe tu marti hai
    Kya baat hai kya cheez hai paisa Kya baat hai kya cheez hai paisa
    Ik baat mujhe batla de tu uss rab se kyun nai darti hai”

    Women in Bollywood( many in normal life too) go for powerful and rich men even if such men have serious issues which can create problems in future.

  13. sang says:

    @Kaveri – one is Aishwarya Rai B.

    and another is Sid-KJO. It wud be great if they come out of the closet. Its high time.

  14. biba says:

    Hi jack, so tanisha will really be the brand ambassador- when will they announce? any idea of how much she is getting paid? i thought her husband was very rich?

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