Who Is A ‘Socialite’ Or A ‘Social Influencer’???

What is the definition of a ‘SOCIALITE’? What are the traits that qualify a person to be labelled – ‘Socialite’ or a ‘Social Influencer’ – a term coined by Archana Vijaya who launched herself as an accessory designer and floated Label KISS, a online fashion accessory retail venture tonight. Archana and the team of Label […]


Socialite To Metamorphose Into Brand Ambassadress

The word ‘Remington’ must be taking you on a nostalgic trip to the days of typewriters. Well most of us (at least the men) associate Remingtom with typewriter or Remington Steele – The TV series epitomized by Pierce Brosnan. The origins of the “Remington” name date back to the formation of E. Remington and Sons, a firearms maker founded […]

Backstabbing Muah-Muah Friends

( is in possession of the ‘Anonymous’ slanderous letters mentioned below.) Delhi’s so-called high-society can be real bitchy and very nasty. Recently the hi-soc schmoozers got the taste of it! All that fake Muah-Muah, My dearest daahling and Bro bullshit flew out of the window and true colours were revealed. The latest trend to bitch […]

Social Butterfly commits fashion faux pas!

Folks, your omnipresent SOCIALITE, Tanisha Mohan committed not one but two fashion blunders recently. You all know Tanisha hosted Sujata Asomull’s birthday bash so that she keeps appearing in the glossy. In the bash our lady donned a Herve Leger dress. Now she wore the same Herve Leger bandage dress to Amu Saidi’s (yet another […]

Why Rich Housewives’ choicest venture is Candle Making?

I often wonder why the wives of business tycoons take to candle-making as their choicest venture? Can anybody throw light on it please because I pondered and pondered and couldn’t find a rational behind it? Somebody told me it’s very therapeutic. Another smart Alec told me that it’s an alibi to dodge being called just […]