Lutyens Delhi Goss’ Keeping Chatterati Busy

grizzlygossip-chatteratiBoy-oh-boy the tireless Hunterr – the Grizzly Baer has been hunted down by a new Gazelle. In fact the graceful gazelle was wooed by the ‘Grizzly Baer’ and she reciprocated in equal dose. Problem now is that this dainty ‘Geisha-like’ (she walks with tiny steps like a Geisha in a Kimono and cakes her face with heavy makeup) socialite is married and the Grizzly and the Gazelle’s hubby are (at least were) buddies and last year celebrated his 40th birthday as a premier guest.

The tireless Hunterrr got Hunted! I don’t think he was looking to hook-up for keeps. Grizzly’s hoity-toity Gazelle has moved out from the hubby’s house to her mother’s house. Poor hubby is handling the kids and I believe is shattered by the whole affair. Gazelle wants to make-home with the Grizzly, which he ain’t game for. It was just a game for him!

Kahin Khushi ; Kahin Gam!!!  Wonder how and why one flirts with a friend’s wifey and vice-versa. These stories end up sour

Such is life guys in this jungle – the upper crust Lutyens Jungle. 

Just hope this one is for keeps for Grizzly Baer and Geisha Gazelle!

11 Replies to “Lutyens Delhi Goss’ Keeping Chatterati Busy”

  1. free bird says:

    What about Hrithik and Shweta? I last heard that they were planning to start a live in relationship. Did she divorce her hubby?

  2. AM says:

    I don’t understand who they are talking about. Can anyone tell?

  3. Akshaj says:

    Hrithik and Shweta are still at it!! Saw them both at Anushka Rajan’s wedding in Abu Dhabi!!
    Apparently AB Jr has a thing for twinks ? Saw him hang around with boys the whole time !!

  4. Aarti says:

    @AM Everyone knows…Ratul Puri and Niamat…

  5. Atithi says:

    Guys Niamat’s family is very keen that she dumps the hubby for Ratul Puri, particularly her drama queen brother-Mozez. Holy Moses…It’s all about money. Puris got more money than the estranged hubby’s family. Pathetic

  6. Sanyogita says:

    Niamat and Ratul were partying at blubar at the Taj last night without their prospective spouses but with an entourage of delhis airhead socialites. Maybe they have taken it a step forward? G Question

  7. jack says:

    Yes Ratul and Niamat are a couple now and the happiest one for this new arrangement is Mozez. Now he can splurge to revamp his closet courtesy whose moolah you know
    This is Delhi…steal your best friends wife

  8. Sanyogita says:

    Let’s hope this lasts for both of them. Terrible to See kids involved in this mess. Don’t understand why he’s fallen for someone whose life is just about getting pampered for all night partying.

  9. Sanyogita says:

    And the less I say about that creepy brother of hers- he is such a scumbag. Shallow, gold digging wannabe user.

  10. sam says:

    Jack, please take down my post with Kavita’s name. And please don’t post this post. Poor woman has done nothing wrong and don’t what her name publicised. Sorry about this.

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