Basking Under Borrowed Glory

Indian Formula 1 Racing Circuit has become more of a ‘Party Circuit’. King of Good Times agreed to pay his employees 3-months pending salary by Diwali just to avoid the embarrassment he would had faced during the grand-prix. Chalo F-1 se kuch toh bhala hua! There are more people interested in finding out about after-parties than races during the 3-Day Airtel India F-1 that takes off today. Of course the traffic snarl experienced en-route to Budh Circuit last year has deterred many too.

Coming back to F-1 Party Circuit – Mumbaiaas have landed in the Capital in hordes; mostly the B-grade Bollywood walas and their ‘groupies’. I can understand clubs and pubs hosting theme-parties based on Indian F 1 but was rather surprised to know an individual hosting a party as a strategic self-promotion activity.

Last night Mozez Singh hosted a bash at his house and was making sure all the B-towns who had started pouring in to Delhi is at his party. Officially Indian Formula 1 parties are licensed to Arjun Rampal’s LAP and Amber Lounge at Claridges. Anyway overheard – “Pratap Gaekwad is here and so are Dino and his gang. Dude it will be nice if they are here.” Friend replied – “Pratap Gaekwad his having dinner with Jyotir(aditya) Scindia. I am trying. Would you like me to call Chunky Pandey?” This strategy somehow strangely reminded me of designer Anand Jon – yes the same one who is in jail in the US for multiple charges of rape. Jon’s strategy was simple – ensure that paparazzi snaps him with Paris Hilton, Laura Bush, Lilo and the likes. This he used as his only claim to fame and that got him places but eventually landed him in jail.

Oh you must be wondering who is this Mozez Singh. Well he is from the fractured Ranbaxy family and is the brother of Tunnu Singh and Niamat. He used to be a Delhi-ite but moved to Mumbai few years back where he is a producer cum publicist cum socialite cum image guru cum what not. But he is most infamous for picking up a brawl with Shahrukh Khan at Maheep’s birthday bash from where he was thrown out.

So Mozez had a bash at his house (to bring in Indian F-1???) and had PR people spin out some red-carpet photo-op. Mumbai B-Towners (C-Graders), random blondes and random pit-crew members, loads of beautiful boyz, and aged socialites flocked in. Tried hard to get Priyanka Chopra who was in town to promote her music album but failed. Lewis Hamilton is coming…coming…coming but never came. 

2 Replies to “Basking Under Borrowed Glory”

  1. Jasmeen Dugal says:

    It’s sad but f1 really is about parties as hardly anyone in the circuit even knows the players names. Strangely, I was asked “tweet your glam picture to amber lounge” for an invitation. Did they really think I would stoop this low for an invite anyplace? Boggles me!

  2. Jasmeen Dugal says:

    Finally invited to both parties without have to tweet my picture to prove i’m hot enuff heh heh 🙂

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