Sid Mallya To Star In Ashok Amritraj Production?

Siddharth Mallya – born with a ‘Platinum’ spoon – might make his ambitious Hollywood acting debut in an Ashok Amritraj production. Now that Siddharth Mallya taking acting lessons in Los Angeles is not a secret anymore and the fact that he is brushing up his act in front of the camera on the small screen as a host and judge of the fourth season of “Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl”, the news does not come as a surprise to me.

Will daddy Vijay Mallya finance the sonny’s Hollywood desires? If the buzz in L.A is to be believed it is Papa Mallya who will finance the Ashok Amritraj production. (Who would cast a tiny guy in a Hollywood venture in his right senses???) Vijay Mallya always did indulge on Siddharth. The now grounded Kingfisher Airlines was his 18th birthday gift from a doting dad!

Siddharth Mallya  was oblivious of the agony of his unpaid employees at KFA. On Friday (19th October), when the Kingfisher Airlines’ licence got suspended, he tweeted: “Guys check out the 1st promo for The Hunt For The Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013 featuring your truly.” And a day earlier, he tweeted his position: “Nothing beats the post 5oclock pub rush in London….best atmosphere ever!! Love being bk here….sometimes wonder why I ever left….” Yeah London is great when the things back home are ROUGH!

Siddharth, in an interview, said outrageously that he is friends with many A-listers in Bollywood but has no intentions of joining the industry as he dislikes the way it functions. That’s not all! He also adds that to get into the Hindi film industry will be cakewalk for him and so, he doesn’t want to go after that. Anything that is easy bores him and so he doesn’t want to mould his acting career here. He wants to make an identity of his own and not rely on his surname Mallya forever.

Now will the prodigal son sink daddy’s money in movie venture too? Only time will tell! 

3 Replies to “Sid Mallya To Star In Ashok Amritraj Production?”

  1. rohan says:

    Sid Mallya should be ashamed tomtoming about his forthcoming Kingfisher Calender Launch and about his pub experiences when thousands of KFA employees are not getting their salaries for month. Must say both father and son are shameless heartless creatures !

  2. VK says:

    Rohan– further to your comment- we read more about company bosses when their companies go abrupt. Yes, they ought to be ashamed about their misdeeds, and the least they can do is profusely apologize for all the troubles their employees face — but that doesn’t mean they should not go to pubs/ restaurants. Its like someone said about the owner of Business India when they were in the worst mess– “I saw the BI Editor shop for Chinos while his employees haven’t been paid a salary for months.” And to this, the response was. “Do you expect him to walk around without trousers for some time, just because his company is bankrupt”?

  3. Maybelline says:

    What you expect from a guy born up in cradle of riches and for whom money has no limits. This guy bedded bunch of women from Deepika Padukone , Sophie Chaudhuri, Jia Khan, Anunksha Sharma and Sonam Kapoor. Now due to kingfisher crises money may be low so he is planning to enter the hollywood.

    Vijay Mallya should have kicked him of to some American Bschool instead he made him an air headed socialite.

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