With friends like ‘Him’, you don’t need enemies

Many would know this rich bloke – Ratan Kapoor. He is undoubtedly very nice on your face and very warm. He also has the habit of trying to impress you with his largesse, which may be picking up your tab if you bump in to him in a night club (though he is infamous for keeping the tabs pending long with the clubs) or offering you some other ‘goodies’ if you in to them. But then all this is very typical of a typical Delhi rich bloke. So what’s so different about Ratan Kapoor?

Ratan has a major digestion problem. You can never trust him with any thing said or done in confidence. He is also capable of painting you a villain to a common friend. I wonder what happens to husbands and wives who are both friends with him. He may cause a split. I too became victim of his distorted gossip and would run a mile if I see him.

By the way, if I start telling you gossips I have heard from him, it would be WIKILEAKS on Delhi society. Boy, time you put your act together!

12 Replies to “With friends like ‘Him’, you don’t need enemies”

  1. smazy says:

    awww how cute! This is like the indian gossip girl! I’m not an indian but i love a good dirt read!

  2. Two Words: BLOG HEAVEN. I have hit the motherload, praise him.:)

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  6. tester says:

    testing the comments

  7. Catherine says:

    He will break your families apart, and he’s a drug addict.
    He is the biggest loser.

  8. lond says:

    muh me daal doo

  9. KL says:

    I think he seems like a decent man, i find him ugly, though, but why make such big deal about someone who really is a nobody?

  10. Shimmer says:

    He is a creep. Absolutely untrustworthy. Old hag.

  11. Shimmer says:

    He is the BIGGEST LOSER!!
    Complete Liar.

  12. Shimmer says:

    And he is fucking ugly.

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