Who Is A ‘Socialite’ Or A ‘Social Influencer’???

Archana_KISSWhat is the definition of a ‘SOCIALITE’? What are the traits that qualify a person to be labelled – ‘Socialite’ or a ‘Social Influencer’ – a term coined by Archana Vijaya who launched herself as an accessory designer and floated Label KISS, a online fashion accessory retail venture tonight.

Niamat Bakshi

Shuti-DixitArchana and the team of Label KISS designed thirteen exclusive pieces of accessory, each based on ‘Social Influencer’ like Niamat Bakshi, Simrin Choudhrie, Stuti Dixit and the likes. Fine…Niamat Bakshi comes from a rich family and is married into a rich family (though Kammi Bakshi, her father-in-law has CBI cases pending) and Simrin Choudhrie too hails from a rich family…the Choudhries who are into defense business and as you all know, Sudhir Choudhrie lives away from India in London and has lot to answer to the authorities regarding his defense deals. But who is this Stuti Dixit??? Last I know, she claimed former Delhi Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit is her relative, but that turned out to be far from fact. Next she was supposedly studying in London. Now she is in Delhi and is already influencing the social texture of the city???  Whatever little I know, it’s best I don’t spill!

Somebody enlighten me please.

14 Replies to “Who Is A ‘Socialite’ Or A ‘Social Influencer’???”

  1. Check123 says:

    Who is this person?? (Stuti Dixit)

  2. Maver1ck says:

    Jack please spill 😉

  3. karan sahni says:

    this is the funniest thing i have read in years!! rofl

  4. Check123 says:

    So out of curiosity had to google her she has given quite an interview in the hello magazine and loves very fancy spas and their caviar treatments , is also a producer with BBC world and “engages in social work far away from the public eye” what a dynamic find as a socialite !!

  5. jack says:

    U must of heard of ‘Paid Editorial’ n obliging friends. Her father works or worked at a newspaper co. in admin dept. in mid-managerial level so u know how caviar comes…

  6. Soyana says:

    What happen? Did she not pay you to shut up? As many others have.
    If you must ask what a social influencer is, at this day and age, maybe you should consider a career change. ASAP.

  7. jack says:

    No Sayana nobody paid…

  8. shanaya says:

    Jack forget these women- i want to know how the tax inspector isn’t knocking on this gemini girl’s door?! Everyday she posts pics of her latest buys- I don’t think Nita ambani shops like this! Well I suppose Nita Ambani has brains.

  9. jack says:

    You talking about Prerna Subba, the ‘Brand -Hag’? Very soon they will come knocking!

  10. shanaya says:

    Yes her only! My God whats wrong with that woman.

  11. SG says:

    Makes me wonder why Prerna & the bf are not yet married & hardly seen together. & whats with the pre-V day & V day gifts!!! She makes it sound like she is only with him for all the stuff he buys her… & exactly how does she earn a living…. Does she get a monthly allowance from the boyfriend?!! lol…

  12. pinky says:

    @sg by selling her used bags and shoes on IG!

  13. Aashna says:

    Guys, Stuti Dixit actually is a relative of Sheila Dixit. Not an immediate one but she is.

  14. Timmy says:

    Stutie dixit is a fraud. You will be amazed if I tell u her boyfriends lists.

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