Who Is A ‘Socialite’ Or A ‘Social Influencer’???

What is the definition of a ‘SOCIALITE’? What are the traits that qualify a person to be labelled – ‘Socialite’ or a ‘Social Influencer’ – a term coined by Archana Vijaya who launched herself as an accessory designer and floated Label KISS, a online fashion accessory retail venture tonight. Archana and the team of Label […]

Shylla & Bobo Choudhrie’s weekend debauchery in Maldives

This is how the richie-rich party! Shylla and Bobo Choudrie celebrated their anniversary in Maldives sometime in the third week of February 2011. They flew down gang of their friends for a weekend of extravagant debauchery in Maldives that as per sources costed around Rs. 2.5 crores. Dom Perignon literally flowed and be it breakfast, […]