Shylla & Bobo Choudhrie’s weekend debauchery in Maldives

This is how the richie-rich party!

Shylla and Bobo Choudrie celebrated their anniversary in Maldives sometime in the third week of February 2011. They flew down gang of their friends for a weekend of extravagant debauchery in Maldives that as per sources costed around Rs. 2.5 crores. Dom Perignon literally flowed and be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dom was always flowing. Reportedly Bobo ordered 100 Bottles of Dom at every meal. If my math is right that means nothinf less than 500Bottles of Dom over the weekend.

Many Page3 regulars, mostly Delhi’s rich kinds partied like there’s no tomorrow. (Click on the image to see the larger format.)Who are Shylla and Bobo Choudrie? Well they are the bahu and the son of Sudhir Choudrie whose main business is allegedly of arms trading. Central Bureau of Investigation inquiry revealed that Choudhrie and his companies “received a number of suspected remittances to the tune of millions of dollars from IAI Israel during the year 1998 to 2001”. It suggested that IAI had a close relationship with two of Choudhrie’s companies – Magnum International Trading Co and Eureka Sales Corporation. Bobo is the Director of Alpha Group, which has interests in Real Estate and Health.

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  1. TS says:

    Kudos Jack- good of u to expose the dirt of delhi like this. People like r and s are the bitchiest, sneakiest delhi society women, who only value people who have money & designer stuff. this crowd is beyond debauched- rich spoilt kids and empty headed bimbos. Delhi has really hit a low point if people still think this is the Creme de la creme of society.

  2. Anonymous says:

    shocking information

  3. anon says:

    looks like loose women and rich spoilt brats can party like no tomorrow with their fathers money

  4. B says:

    so…has anything substantial happened over CBI’s findings?
    these types of people annoy me greatly

  5. shock says:

    off topic – will you ever post any dirt on Katrina Kaif? or does anyone know anything? It seems like most people who post here have knowledge of Delhi/India/Bollywood gossip already and for a white girl living in Canada any info will be greatly appreciated.

  6. Jolly Good says:

    In the pics I can recognise one lady in a yellow dress – Ritakshi Arora of Bibs n Cribs. She’s the wife of Amit Arora of Kohinoor basmati rice.

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