Louis Vuitton – The Great Leveler In India

Monk_Fake LV Jhola

Vernaaz Mittal_LV Bag

Vernaaz Mittal_LV Bag

I had no doubt that among luxury labels, Louis Vuitton’s awareness was the highest in India. Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class and the Elite Class; all are aware of LV. Louis Vuitton is the entry brand for every aspirational customer making their first coveted luxury purchase. But never in my dreams did I expect such a transitional appeal of LV in India –  a ‘Bhikshu’ (A Monk) walking past with a Louis Vuitton Jhola slung from his shoulder. I am quiet sure it is one of those fake ones that are available in every nook and corner.

Vernaaz_Chattarpur_Kaam Aadmi PartyThen on the other hand we have Vernaaz Mittal ( a prominent industrialist’s wife) participating in a cleanliness drive with a LV satchel slung across. It must be one of those many branded handbags Vernaaz has in her closet and this LV bag must be one of those she uses for errand runs and occasional tough jobs like cleanliness drive of Chattarpur Metro Station.

Isn’t it amazing to discover the great leveler in India – the LV vernis bag?

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  1. Loveleen says:

    Hey jack my day starts with fashion scandal. Thank you for all the amazing posts. How come you never commented or wrote anything about Hritik and Sussane

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