Now HT Too Goes The ‘Media Net’ Way

Is it the era of ‘Paid Editorials’? Well Times of India started the ‘Paid Editorial’ concept way back in 2005. The group stuck to it against heavy criticism. Even The Hindustan Times was highly critical of TOI’s Media Net move. But now the other giant publication of Delhi – The Hindustan Times – too has taken to ‘Paid Editorials’.

The city supplement of Hindustan Times – HT City has already implemented the ‘paid editorial’ concept. You will notice brands, restaurant, lounges and labels conspicuously missing from the copy. Now brands will be mentioned only if they are paid for.

Sure the PR fraternity is unhappy with the new norm at HT. 

Times of India started mentioning their City Supplements as ‘Advertorial, Entertainment Promotional Feature’, which is printed just below the masthead. Wonder how HT City will bifurcate ‘paid editorial’ from ‘pure editorial’. Got to wait and watch!

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