Delhi’s Self-Proclaimed ‘Socialite’ Couple

fariha_javed3fariha-ansariI call them Instagram Socialites! I am talking about Fariha Ansari Javed and Shiraz Javed. Not much is known about the Javed couple except that they came into Delhi couple of years back and reside at the service apartments at The Lodhi. The couple claim to work with the Turkish Government and were to return to New York on the 13th of November but they are very much in Delhi.

fariha_javed2javed_helloThe narcissist strains of Fariha and Shiraz are evident on their Instagram account where they post pictures painting and imagery of high-life. Fariha even posts Boarding Passes of Turkish Airline and writes how the airline always give them ‘1A & 1B’ seats. Damn…such wannabes!!!

Fariha and Shiraz Javed got featured in Hello magazine (courtesy paid editorial) and seems it’s been their biggest achievement till date. I see the couple at every bash in Delhi and yes they have befriended some of Delhi’s narcissists and party-people. Flaunting Birkins (bought in Turkey) and Guccis and posing together seems to keep them occupied throughout. The couple have a photographer on their pay-roll who clicks them, airbrush them and the couple post them on Instagram. Welcome to the age of Instagram Socialites!

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  1. Colossial says:

    Its the most popular trend now-days Now days we have so many Instagram socialites. Many of my friends are trying to become socialites. They party all weekend and tag every possible brand on Instagram. I had to unfollow so many people. You can pay the newspaper to publish your photo on the page three section of the paper.

    Whats with kids of the billionaires in India? Why they are trying to become Instagram socialites. Have you seen the PR and promotion for Ananya Birla and Akash Ambani? Instead of becoming popular through their family business they are trying become a socialite.

  2. God_ShaReef says:

    Ohhhh Colossial Dear,
    That Birla/Ambani thing was sucha
    I swear on Vikram ChatWal in memory of HarPreet Ford’s Priya SACHDEV,
    HOW rubbish it was to be a socialite or page3 or paid media or whatEver…
    These chuts of money pots must hire me.
    Believe me, i can make them more famous than Norah Jones!!!


    And please don’t forget even KirLosKar babe.
    I saw her in PAID DT or HT CITY, ofCourse not for singing reason but for some other BORING CAUSE, where the paid pussy article boasted about her wow bhow wow achievements…

    Today’s media has reached the height of “pubicity”!
    Got it?

    Kya aapki God bhi andar andar shave maang rahi hai.
    Take help from today’s paid media.

    Waise innke chut editors ko paid media puccho, to bolenge…
    Kya karein bhai. Survive to karna hai. Salaries to pay honi hain.
    Itna competition hai, kharche hain. Publicity budget hai…
    blah blah blah…

    Gaye wo NewsTrack ke zamaane, jab JOURNALISM hota tha.
    Hai naa Madhu Trehan… Hai naa India Today (completed 30 years).
    My Salute!!!

    Aapka $&@#&
    Dil karr raha hai, aaj apna saccha naam likh doon.
    Par chhodo fir kabhi…
    Aapki acchi student of journalism,
    Aapki apni,
    God ShaReef!!!

  3. McDonalds says:

    Know them pretty well thanks to the thin walls of the serviced apartments. The fights behind the lovey-dovey facade, the bitching, name calling, nose jobs, mistreatment of working staff… sad couple on the way up. They don’t realise these are the very same people they will see on their way down.

    Ohh.. forgot to add. Watch out for them on the page 3… some wrangling of wedding invitations and party invites, thanks to duty-free daaru!!

  4. TruthSpeaker says:

    So true @God_ShaReef

    Honestly who cares or gets impressed by all this? Maybe teenagers who haven’t quite yet learnt the ways of the world. These people are paying to fool their own selves & the media/PR is enjoying their money. They want to pat their own entitled spoilt self by feeling like they’ve done something worthy.

    Some of the stories on depression etc are also laughable.

    What’s your view on KWK this season? Seems a little trying too hard to me. Any truth to the Ranbo-RS episode being scripted? What else is new in Lolly Wood God_ShaReef?

  5. ndt says:

    Thanks God ShaReef for your amazing comments..Sometimes I really feel there is so much you want to pull out but can’t…Hope one day we know your real name…

  6. Colossial says:

    @God Shareef
    Thanks for replying to me. I am tired and bored with this paid PR of industrialist family. Most of them are so weird. Someone refuses to stay in a hotel room staring or having number 8. Another makes her personal assistant sleep in the attached room in the suite. One tycoon mentions his sucessfull well traveled son as delicate. Another refuses to use credit card and perfares cash.

  7. Colossial says:

    @McDonalds I have seen the newly rich people are the ones who treat people in service class very badly. These people seem to forget their manners all the time.

  8. SS says:

    Godshareef!! Keep the khabar coming! Are you ‘Bollywood basket’ by any chance??

  9. InterestedReader says:

    Well they don’t live at Lodhi anymore. Hv shifted to gk 1 in fact the whole address is available on her Instagram which she posted while showing off an invitation from Chanel. Def befriended all the similar socialites including Prerna and TM and are at all the fashion shows and parties as a result. They both went to Harvard together and as a result they’re every seventh word (and insta post) is “Harvard” but I don’t mind them to be honest. They both seem smart although sometimes she seems too sweet and even a little fake in the way she talks to everyone. But that is nothing new in the Delhi circle. The only shady thing is their work, which they seem to avoid talking about (except for the Instagram captions about work meetings in louboutins-
    Eye roll). As for the Instagram show off, did it even happen if you don’t post about it?

    Does anyone have interesting info on them? How have they befriended everyone in the city when they only moved here a couple of years ago?

  10. InterestedReader says:

    I wrote a whole comment but it didn’t get posted:/
    Anyway Instagram show off is nothing new. They have moved out of Lodhi long time ago and live in gk now. In fact there is an Instagram post which their full address that she had posted while showing off an invite from Chanel. Most annoying thing is the number of times they say Harvard in every conversation and ofc the carefully placed Harvard cap/mug/t shirt etc in photos
    Does anyone know what they do? They like to talk about how hard they work but I have only seen them talk about dressing up for meetings and actually avoid talking about their job. But I know she had left her job from Turkish embassy some time ago. I wonder what pays for the birkins although definitely they don’t shop as much as most people in that circle.
    Also interesting how they have befriended everyone, mostly from Lodhi. Kunal, Prerna (Gemini girl) Tanisha Mohan and all… does anyone have more information on this couple that is at every party in Delhi these days? I am rather wary of them since they don’t seem very genuine. Tooo sweet and fake actually in their forced New York accents that come and ago randomly.

    So yeah, any useful information??? Or even useless gossip!?!

  11. Nupur says:

    Can anyone share a list of the page 3 types who are most active on instagram and whose accounts one should check out just for laughs (or curiosity on how they show-off their favorite brands)

  12. free bird says:

    Any update about Hrithik-Shweta current status? Heard they are planning to move in, is it true?

  13. Tasha Efram says:

    The above link is of a video where in a wife caught her husband with his mistress at Columbia airport & to my surprise that mistress looks just like Fariha ?

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