Zaara Khan has been Identified

Remember Zaara Khan? Yes the staunch supporter and beta noire of Tanisha Mohan who never fails to come as a saviour to confront me whenever I blog on Tanisha, has been identified. I took the help of Cyber Detectives to pin-point on this fake lady and guess who it is?

She is a self-proclaimed royalty and goes by the name of Amu Saidi.

Amu commented on Tanisha’s latest post pronto. Have a look!

10 Replies to “Zaara Khan has been Identified”

  1. hmm says:

    she loves her girlfrienddddddd..good detective work.. never hard of this lady before

  2. mandys says:

    well… well… well… ms khan or mrs saidi really lacks the knowledge of quality and class… no wonder she is seen with bbf tanisha mohan… really J stop giving these two so much importance by writing about them on your blog….

  3. anonymous says:


  4. CattyK says:

    u gotta give her credit for at least trying. maybe its tanisha herself. hahaha

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