2010s Most-Desperate P3Ps

The year 2010 was mixed bag but when it comes to the craze for being featured in Page 3 of city supplements, the craze is getting ugly, unethical and disgusting. The real Page 3s now shy away and run miles seeing shutterbugs.

Guys, please take it with a pinch of salt! The most-desperate wannabes who graced the Page 3s this year were:

* Vikaram Sharma oops, Baidyanath. Yes, he gave away his family name and adopted the Brand name of his family business to add some weight to his existence. Last I heard, his uncle is sick paying for the EMIs of the fancy car he bought. A Medianet creation, Vikaram now appears on other tabloids too. But I am confused on why he is always clicked alone. Perhaps nobody wants to be clicked alongside him.

* Vikaram’s sister, Pushpanjali Sharma is following her brother’s footsteps. Wonder what her claim to fame is besides working for Satya Bagla.

* Ala Madhu, wife of Rajan Madhu, the licensee of F Bar in India has suddenly being spotted a bit too often. In fact it’s a gang of ladies who have found their 15-minutes of fame and that includes Kanchan Kapoor, Vandy Mehra of Study by Janak, Ramola Bachchan (still encashing the famous surname), Tarot reader, Poonam Sethi (Her spat with her estranged hubby, Sanjay grabbed headlines. What a pity!) and occasionally joined in by Charu Parashar (with hubby Anupam Parashar always ensuring that he is in the frame) and choreographer Liza Verma and her is, Dimple.

* Then there are Kimmi and Rishi Tej and the designer duo of Kapil and Monika.

* We also have veteran P3 wannabes and foremost among them are Dimpy Kapoor and Ashish Saraf. They literally bully the photographers to take their picture.


22 Replies to “2010s Most-Desperate P3Ps”

  1. Ps says:

    What about “REYANNUUU TAAANDDON”, I think numerologically its correct !!!!!!

  2. mike1 says:

    HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..Bro ur a riot ..all the best for the new year ..keep em coming !!!

  3. raam says:

    not bad !!!! ya missed on a lot .

  4. straightforward says:

    Even though u got her pic in here, you forgot to mention about P3-hungry Reynu Taandon and her daughter Nikita Taandon!

  5. Hmm says:

    What an amazing write up Jack !!!
    1.I agree to all except Ashish Saraf who maintains some good standards of living and partying unlike others mentioned above. 2.Vikram Sharma has spent too much on medianet and now he gets 4 + 1 free scheme being a loyal customer .
    3. Rishi and Kimi are mad about getting clicked , they have done a good job being nobody to somebody.
    4. I can give this to you in writing , very soon Kashif will be behind bars for his involvement in Anti-social and anti-nation activities. very very soon.

  6. raam says:

    J correct me whats up with the diff spelling of reynu or raaynu is it because of some numerological shit see often people changing their name !!! interesting ?

  7. jyoie says:

    How about that crassy designer duo Bharat and Reshma- another medianet creation..they r yuckk

  8. anonymous says:

    hahaahahahahahahahahahahaha he has all the pr agencies and photographers on his pay roll

  9. Mick says:

    Ashish saran should top the list! Bankrupt company and he hails from vizag…his claim to fame is being related to lalit modi

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  13. Monica says:

    The year 2010 was mixed bag but when it comes to the craze for being featured in Page 3 of city supplements, the craze is getting ugly, unethical and disgusting.

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  18. thisnthat says:

    hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vikaram sharma oooops baidyanath my bad lol

  19. thisnthat says:

    anupam parashar lol lol

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