Watch-out for 2010s Most-Desperate P3Ps on the 31st

As we draw curtains on the year 2010 and look forward to 01.01.11, I thought I should bring forth to you the list of most-desperate Page 3 People of the year 2010. I will also enlighten you about Paid (Medianet) P3Ps, hosts and hostesses on hire and of course the year’s biggest losers.

Folks, suggestions are always welcome so help me draw out the list of 2010s MOST DESPERATE!

3 Replies to “Watch-out for 2010s Most-Desperate P3Ps on the 31st”

  1. You want me to pay you to be on your P3? I will do anything for light, but I won’t do that! No! No! No! No!

    Looking forward to reading this one!!!

  2. raj says:

    anjali and arjun kapoor……..wanna b DESIGNERS LOL

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