HT BRUNCH Vindicate The Demise of “PAGE 3” posted on 23rd May 2012 ‘The Demise of PAGE 3″. Thousands agreed with the post and those who polluted it grumbled and threatened me. On 15th July the widely read Sunday Magazine of Hindustan Times – BRUNCH had a Cover Story – “Who Killed Page 3?” It is a well written and an exhaustive piece and also has a quote from your humble blogger! Here is the link to the Brunch story:

It’s not just me but thousands who feel that ‘Page 3’ – the party & gossip section of tabloids is dead. The real achievers who work hard and party hard are shying away from Page 3. Nowadays all you get to see on the once coveted Page 3 are wannabes, PR driven activities and shameless plugs.

One can understand the deterioration of Page 3 of the National Daily that embarked upon the infamous idea of paid editorials – Medianet. Anybody and everybody who is willing to pay for his/her party to be covered is featured. One doesn’t expect real Page 3 stuff from this newspaper. But what shocks me is the appalling degradation of stuff featured by other top newspapers that aren’t bound by a concept like Medianet on their Page 3. In fact Page 3 has become a jamboree of absolute losers, wannabes and random people. High time the Editors take a look and stop the rot.

Come on who the hell are Mamta and Manu Rawal? The newspaper claims they are designers and splash a party hosted by them. Lately they have become Page 3 regulars. Who is Salloli Kumar? Last I knew that she and her hubby were notorious gatecrashers. Housewives turned event organisors, yesteryear models turned pimps or whatever, random DJs, model co-ordinators, builders who look like goons and automobile dealers now peep out of Page 3 day after day. It is such a horrendous site!

It is not that the real socialites or savvy and fashionable people aren’t partying. They just don’t want to be on Page 3 amongst pimps, gatecrashers, self-proclaimed fashion designers and dolly aunties, clamouring for space. My sincere appeal to the Editors to stop this rot and get the grace back on what Page 3 was originally conceived with. If they can’t then all newspapers should follow the Medianet route and earn huge revenues.

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  1. K says:

    Seriously…Delhi Times cannot even call their pages Page 3.. It should be called random party central. HT city is not much better but at least most of the time the people are known. Not like the ransoms in DT.

  2. raj says:

    i so agree to what you hav posted, u dont see the real deal anymore on the page 3, but photographers get paid to click, pr agency just do it for the money offered, in past 5 years i hav noticed the trend shifting, and yes you are right the people featured on pg3 nowdays, have no real credentials, 90 percent of them are complete liers, for them getting thei pic in the paper is an achievement as if they won olympic gold, wt not lot can be written and spoken about them, but i dont thnik that these people are even worth talking about, so high time editors actually start editing.

  3. I am totallyin agreement with who ever has written this. . Do not deny that have been featured many a times on such pages!! but look around! we do not pay for this!!

  4. Raam says:

    excellent Article J being a designers working for years and made it through so much hard work and inborn talent emotionally it hurts to see,and the shutter bugs of these midanet is totally shamefull,

    Cheers JD

  5. Rona says:

    I completely agree and for the past year the biggest offenders are those 3 ladies in the top right. Shalini Arora Kochar, Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta, Mamta something or the other and such wannabes with their silly birthday parties and product launch events.

  6. liz khaute says:

    I totally support your article J. Its annoying to see random faces so evident of trying hard to get noticed on page3. Random designers who have small shops are talked about as if they are the next big thing in the fashion world or aunties carrying LV or Gucci esque bags….total trash and waste of time for readers!

  7. NN says:

    I totally agree wid the article.. The first thng the editors should consdering is the guestlist.. From where is it coming frm.. N who all r invited.. As they used to be particular at one point of time.. Infact one is tired of seeing these wannabes.. Dre is nthn.. Exciting left too look frwd.. It has lost its charm..

    Great Jaydeep..!! Well said and wriiten….

  8. Amit says:

    This article talks of the blatant truth of the hollowness of todays media.It is a fact that the shallowness of todays so called page 3 stares stark at our faces each morning ,the same plastic rehearsed faces having no compassion for the causes that they seem to stand up for.I don’t know any of these wannabes but as a reader I wake up to the faces of Shalini Kochar, Rachna Sandhu, Rekha Chawla, Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta , Sonia Duggal to name a few.Who are they? Desperate housewives ???What’s their claim to fame?? Women who dish out their popularity by either donning designer(read fake) bags and outfits or becoming event managers or hosting useless events for bored housewives while they pocket all the money.It is such a pity that today’s woman needs to join a women’s quotient club to become more savvy.And somewhere the media needs to question themselves about the coverage they provide on page 3. While talking with one photographer, it was learnt that most of these women befriend the photographers on facebook and twitter so that they are always clicked and their faces remembered. Such desperation! Who is seriously interested ??I too firmly belief that Page 3 is bought and manipulated by the rich who can carelessly threw their moolah to see how vain and fancy their fat bodies and caked makeup looks on print. For the rest of us,please save us the displeasure and disgust each morning as we open the crisp newspaper to see the same wannabes with same fake smiles in different attires!!!Editors….stop the rot!!

  9. Madhavi says:

    Kudos to you for writing such an apt post. We are sick of seeing Meenakshi sud Dutt with heavy make up and hair puff. Sangeeta bhuyan mehta with her painted face which looks like a stoned expression. Manu Mamta fat designers with no class. Sapna Maken who is someone’s keep. Charisma Aggarwal who is a high class escort to the diplomats. Salloli Kumar, another non existent person. Imagine Amir Zaki- a cross dresser, with colored contact lens and 1 blond wig. Give us a break. Bring some class to page 3. Real page 3 people are shying away from page 3 because of such wannabes and new entries. They all look a piece of trash. Model turned pimps? They look like escorts.

  10. Madhavi says:

    And also please save us the horror of seeing few more faces on HT page 3- They are- Rekha Chawla, Rooma Sekhri, Sunayana Bhinder Chibba, Taniya Khanuja, Sonia Duggal, Nidhi Maken Sobti, Dolly Jain, Parul Grover, Reema Arora. Please put a ban on them. Get rid of them. All pieces of trash. Loud fashion, fake bags, painted faces, fake jewelry. No class. All Bitches.

  11. Swati says:

    Cmmon They all have claim to fame. Lemme tell you their claim to fame.

    Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta and her notorious husband did a scam of millions in Kuwait. Her husband gambles and she buys her queen like attires and her only job is to shop, do make up, pout and pose. Yes besides that she is also very good at gossiping, bitching, and cat fights.

    Meenakshi Sud Dutt- Spends 4-5 hours on her ghostly and ghastly make up. Drives her ugly husband by the noose. Did not have anything till now. Has recently opened her first parlor in Shivalik. So now we have such beauticians also as page 3. What happened to real make up artists like Ambika Pillai etc. They work har and work good. Do all model make ups and good assignments and have no time to be seen at such do’s where Meenakshis of the world reach with their over done make up.

    Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta- has done some 3-4 events and claims that she has been in industry for over a decade. She charges people for calling her guest list of friends like meenakshis and sangeeta bhuyans.

    Charisma Aggarwal- known for her notorious activities. Sells visas, sleeps with diplomats and calls herself Luxe branding and bla bla bla. Everywhere her picture is published with her boobs coming out. Even laymen can make out fom her body language that she is a slut. I even think that she is a cross dresser. At least she looks like one.

    Sapna Maken- She eloped with her cousin. She stays in a shabby place. She is someone’s mistress, who sponsors her clothes. In one event she came looking as a white bouquet of flowers.

    Rooma Sekhri- No claim to fame. Reaches everywhere. Gossips about everyone. Ready to gatecrash every good event.

  12. Swati says:

    After Meenakshi sud Dutt it is not Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta again but Sunayana Bhinder Chibba.

  13. Mita says:

    You know I personally know women in Delhi who have excellent credentials. They work good. They are beautiful, rich, they party together a lot, are very talented. Love taking pictures etc. But they do not want to be a part of this rat race. They lead a full life. They are the real page 3. They are very active on facebook, publish their pictures, publish their own blog (as famous as yours). But they do no want to be associated to any of the names taken above. Because they are in real sense women of substance. If HT wants to improve their standard of Page 3, they have to get rid of the existing crowd and bring in more credible people.
    You are right TOI, which is medianet and all paid, is better.

  14. V says:

    If anyone has noticed HT has started another trend by labelling these low life random’s as prince/princess XYZ of ABC on P3… these shameless people have stooped to such low levels in life that they have also added titles as raja/kumari etc in their actual names… the editors really need to check the credentials of these so called prince/princess and find out what royal families (if any) they belong to before printing such false titles that were used for the true kings in our society.. Unfortunately i use to be acquainted to a few such low life pricks… makes me puke.. sick

  15. Harmonicka says:

    Yes. The worst of the lot is Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta. I agree with Swati’s comments. She and her husband actually did a lot fraud in Kuwait and ran away from there. In Delhi, she is living in NCR in a rented house. Her husband does earn her expensive wardrobe through gambling. She actually is notorious for bitching and creating rifts between two good friends. She is not as innocent and charming as she looks. I have nothing more to say about any of the other page 3 crowd.
    But you have done a good start by exposing these shallow page 3’s. Keep it up. We want to read more about them through you.

  16. Praveen says:

    Pick up today’s DT. It exactly explains what you have written about Dolly aunty. How many more times do we have to endure Dolly Jain and her son in Hangout of Shalini Vij? Everyday there is a picture of Hangout with these wannabes with their sons and daughters.
    Indian Express, The Hindu, etc are good newspapers. DT, HT sucks. Specially because of the demise of Page 3. JD we want more of your posts like these.

  17. RDawg says:

    OMYGOD true!!! Amit and Swati, bang on!! These women actually pay to get published as if they have won an olympics gold. But let me add one more name to this fiasco, which is missing now a days after a couple of hundred complaints by the people who follow Page 3. Madam Blanca Dixit Peralta. Infact, she is the one who has started this circus in the first place. befriending scribes/photographers on facebook and twitter only to get a picture, but a full size picture.U can find her choosing her pictures and then posing again to get it right and then she picks which on to publish.. Have u noticed the events she is covered in?? Weddings, launch of anything “foreign”, mehndi’s, sangeets, mundans. Makes one wonder if she is getting paid to dance on these cheap events. And this sick b***h who finds all INDIANS loathesome never fails to use and abuse any contact possible to get noticed. She slept her way through big designers just to get nominated as most stylish in some competition ad her dealer cum brother bought the votes for her. She very recently got barred from these newspapers… I hope these dolly aunties and wannabe socialites with a similar background get barred of page 3 soon and we get people with real character and class back on!!

  18. p says:

    oh what about the wanna bee page 3 desi andrew warhol inspired artist…

  19. aliya singh says:

    what about surita tandon.desperately seeking page 3 fiend

  20. vv says:

    lovely post JD, u have ripped them all, n m sure now many won’t even dare to invite these wannabes to their bashes….keep rocking J, proud of u always!!!!!

  21. Priya says:

    Everyone is missing one more name to the wannabe list- Sapna Dhingra. She claims to be a designer. She is no designer. She has no qualifications of a designer. She was a darzi few years back and got married into a family which had a shop in Khan Market. Hence, she gave herself a tag of a designer. She is bald, wears a wig, fights with her family. The whole of Friends Colony, where she resides has seen her indulging in fights over petty issues. Such are our page 3.

    Anyway, why are we so enamored by page 3? I would say, in all honesty, follow JD for the true scoops. JD your site is better than HT and TOI combined together. You rock man.

  22. rohan says:

    yes some of the biggest pains in page-3 crowds are–saloli,sylvie queen,meenakshi dutt,tanisha mohan,liza verma–tired of watching them

  23. sw says:

    OMG atleast someone has pointed this out. sick of seeing same faces everyday. i wonder how u missed out on some daksh oberoi who claims to be a horse racer and actually is just a horse keeper for someone and hits at every girl he can lay his eyes on irrespective of age. Another upcoming Male meenakshi dutt named varun katyal who loves to see his pic in paper everyday and posts s newone of fb everyday. Desperate all in ones like ramon lamba who in her own words says that she knows how to use and throw people. claims to be a dress designer and now calls herself celebrity coach. She herself needs to be coached.i think one should ban page 3 completely and replace it with something more knowledgable instead of helping their false egos bloat.

  24. I absolutely agree….it mosts seems lyk an upgraded level of kitty party goers accompanied with spouses. ..its lyk now fashion trends hav 2 be picked up from dolly aunties who just realised passing 40…oommph…i hav designer potentials….

    Frankly..all those who can be appreciated for page 3….should be the PR guys who so seriously take their job in promoting. ….although crap…but then successfully…

  25. sneha says:

    by the most of them are carrying fakes and many of them party with their gym trainers at places like lure tavern

  26. thisnthat says:

    well wudnt the editor of page3 shud be held responsible for all this for the action and the in-action!! cheers ! wonder how much mr.sharma urf baidyanath pays per picture LOL

  27. gaurav says:

    Good that someone has raised a voice finally. i completely agree with the writer and all the comments. who is responsible?? PR agencies who charge anywhere between 40 to 50 lakh rupees per month to give them coverage?? Editors- who i am sure are making something on the side…..coz they definitely ignore people who deserve to be mentioned and bought forward for their work?? or Society- who has bloated their ego’s?? i personally know a bunch of people who deserve to be credited more than those who pay their way to be credited, now that its been spilled I’m not surprised to learn that people such as Saloli’s, Meenakshi’s, Ramon’s blah blah have really bought their way through into the page…THAT IS SUCH A SHAME.
    really have you seen meenakshi dutt with her caked up face and slutty dressing sense , god knows what people find in her. not even a pretty face tsk tsk tsk
    and karishma aggarwal, who we all know is…….. as soon as she opens her mouth ull be like wtf just happened. is a page 3 person. need i say more???
    This Ramon lady who’s basically a nobody , all she has under her belt is a certificate from some weird healer. and has maybe hosted an event or two for these jackasses somehow assumes that she can call herself a celebrity. and believe me has such airs about herself. Salloli and her hubby who are actually gate crashers, Mamta’s Manna’s , Preeti ghai’s, Rachna Sandhu, Aamir, etc etc…..the list of these toolbags is endless…a bunch of wannabe’s and the papers ,all going out of their way to help them through .The real talent and the people who really help shape the country in their own way and really deserve to be highlighted will not have this kind of money obviously and therefore we do not even know of them. these people must’ve been sweating it out for years and are still unsung heroes. Wake up you sell out editors…there is so much more in this world than taking bribes and abusing power… so get with the program. and PLZ STOP THIS PAGE3 CULTURE AND CONCENTRATE ON REAL REPORTING. ITS HIGH TIME WE GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE, BECAUSE IVE LITERALLY SEEN THEM ON THE PAGE SO OFTEN THAT IT MAKES ME SICK

  28. gaurav says:

    people like Ambika shukla who really are selfless in their service to animals, tamanna chona, who works with physically disabled children, Harmala who’s done so much for the cancer society of india and so many more … are IGNORED . but i bet deep down really deserving people don’t even want to be on the page because they believe in service not recognition, hats off to their humility

  29. thisnthat says:

    I second this by Sneha : by the most of them are carrying fakes and many of them party with their gym trainers at places like lure tavern…it’s true.

  30. sneha says:

    true thisnthat
    husband at home, the mrs and her trainer and his cronies have a party.ask the mrs’s and she says the beefcake he is like my brother.
    rubbish people

  31. Madhur says:

    These dumb blondes. Meenakshi Sud launched her cheap parlor by calling in Raveena Tandon.
    Rekha Chawla celebrated her BIrthday.
    I have been present at both these events.
    JD you have created such a stir. The only talk of the town amongst these dumb blondes is who must have written these comments. There is a guessing game going. Dumbos are accusing each other. Your post is a sensation among them. Don’t think they are not reacting. They are shitting.
    It is such sorry state of affairs. When India is heading towards recession and there is crisis world over, the only thing this cheap page 3 is worried about is their Birthday party and parlor launch. Crazy women. Get up and do something for the society if you cant do something for your own self.
    None of them has any brains. They have completely lost it. They will all die fighting with each other. JD I am waiting for another post from you on this.

  32. sneha says:

    i agree editors should exercise discretion

  33. minching says:

    Oh! I thought only Lucknow’s Page 3 is insane……. but now realized it is the trend across the board. Even Lucknowites has its own share of wannabes, like some Bhalla lady who claims to be a designer and worst her sister whose credentials is(hold your breadth!) that she is the sister of this lady Bhalla – the designer. And we can’t miss out on some Zaid guy who shares a close proximity (you know what I mean) with this page 3 reporter.
    Lucknow Page 3 is worst coz most of the time it features only young school/college going students partying away to glory during the day time at some disc or lounge. Their only achievement in life is to bunk the classes to attend these parties. And we have to thank MEDIANET for this.
    In Lucknow there are 3 newspapers that covers the page 3. Except of the medianet rest of them are doing good job. So there is a ray of hope, as now most of the serious event managers have stopped entertaining the medianet coz they know if the event or the guest list has the substance the other two will publish it. So off late medianet is losing on good events and of course, the readers as well………

  34. rekha says:

    this article probably has opened up worms of cans for many-who might like to hide under the carpet but as a page-3 regular party goers the worst list i can draw–mamta and manu rawal–typical karol bagiya designers, preeti ghai-she regularly pays page-3 photographers to get her pictures clicked–designer ??? from where ? liza verma–not only party organiser but heard she supplies lot of attractive pyt also,meenakshi dutt–beautician–her customers will run away after seeing her own make-up and hair style and her party clothes,sylvie–wonder why she or he need to be even mentioned in page-3-dont know her/his credentials except her/his exploitations of toy boys in name of modeling ! aamir zakir-who the hell this sick cross dresser is ??? varun katyal–another big queen chasing male models ,rashmi virmani -45 plus aunty -her baby doll dressing style–can someone check her connection –how come she send so many female models to china and dubai for shows and contests ????? its high time all these useless page-3-CELEBRITIES-does something constructive and better to improve their image and should feel ashamed to visit every parties for free food and free booze !

  35. The M says:

    I dont have any word to express my happiness after reading your views, But still many more bastards are missing, wating for next review which will include name of other bast….

  36. priya99 says:

    a very bold site…for so called socailites……all fake from top to bottom……fake looks,fake heart,fake bags,fake jewellary and really wannabes with no identity of their own….fake smiles,fake relations,fake emotions…..

  37. Priya99 says:

    So true all the comments….

  38. page3 needs a revamp

  39. Giselle says:

    I am not Indian. In fact, I am not from India. But I am living in Delhi for past few months now. That makes me very new to Delhi and page 3 scene here. But just to let everyone know about my personal experience. I was sitting with Delhi’s top designer who also has a store in Emporio Mall. I had an invite to a very interesting party; or so I thought. I was contemplating whether to go or not. So I asked my designer friend. He said, let me check the guest list as to who all are coming and I will tell you whether the party is worth going or not. So he made few phone calls and then told me that the party was very bad and not worth going. He gave me few names and told me, in future, check in the guest list. If these names are there, then the party is rubbish. If these names are NOT there, then consider going. The names he gave me are Meenakshi Sud Dutt, Mamta Rawal, Sangeeta Bhuyan Mehta, Sapna Maken and there are many more. I find these names in your comments too. Everyone is mentioning them. They are common names that I also keep seeing and reading mainly in Hindustan Times. I wonder why people advice me to stay away from parties where they are present. I party with my group of friends I have recently made in New Delhi. All of them are expats living in Delhi, few of them are very well known designers, some from Indian politics. None of them seem to like the regular so called page 3 crowd of Delhi. We are better off in our own parties and have no aspiration to make it to page 3.

  40. Jagjeet says:

    I have no knowledge about any of this page 3 business. I am in college and have never read any page 3. But your blog post is being circulated in whole of my college and university. It is more popular than any MMS scandal. I just came to see what this big news is all about.

  41. raam says:

    J this looks like your number one article ,but you missed on a lot of them , who are more media net buff now designers who have not even showcased in wills or lakme once,are more covered and published to name a few our very famous bharat reshma,gautam gupta, pavan sachdeva, sikander nawaz,mayur some gitori , legendary sagar mehra. gosh where they came from ? make up queen Aashmeen munjal.Teena singh. ravi kegriwaal ( god father of all the be-sahara gories bikram oberoi, mama nappy boy..

  42. jack says:

    Hi Jagjeet, I was delighted to know that the Blog is popular amongst college-goers. Thanks for letting me know this.
    Which college do you go to?

  43. Pree says:

    What a sensation this article of yours has created. Its a lesson to all these wannabes who think it is easy to manipulate the mass media by using their money. From being skimpily dressed in the pool/birthday parties to bribing the photographers to publish their full size photos, the girls and aunties of delhi are acting alike: Plain Desperate! A few names like Menakshi dutt, Ramola Bachhan, Mamta, Saloli somebody are omnipresent whereas people like Blanca dixit peralta who is infact a cross dresser and powder addict, Sudeep solanki who desperately throw useless events at his restaurant to get published, Sylvie the scary ghost and even Tanisha mohan who’s seen anywhere and everywhere possible have stooped down to a level of offering various favors to the reporters just to get a picture. At a recent party, i saw Blanca Peralta and Shweta desperately flirting with the camera person till the wee hours. Minakshi dutt and charishma are often seen giggling away with these guys from HT and TOI. But arent you glad that from a last few days (apart from minakshi aunty’s beauty parlor opening) HT seems to be trying to avoid paid events, atleast it seems so to us. Great effort! Kudos

  44. manni aluwalia says:

    most of the people who have been written about are really people who are doing something about their lives, its sad to be reading all this crap written about them. all these wanna be who can’t make it to page 3 are sitting and giving shallow comments on them, what a shame that human beings have forgotten their true selves. to all those people who are writing crap with names on them, don’t forget one thing, life will get back to all of you one day, and will get back in such a bad way that u will be so sorry and will wanna beg and say sorry to all these people but will not be able to do it. u can fake ur name and write it here, but get in touch within yourself and see what you are giving out. god is watching your actions and and what you give out will come back to you multiplied to you. so people. wait till the day karma fucks you all up for writing about all these people who are just trying to make it in life, and irrespective of your comments, they will make it. so start counting your days. and wait till the day life gets back. good luck……

  45. jasmeet says:

    lets make a list of so call page-3 fake people whom we hate the most for their shady lifestyle–sapna dhingra,sangeeta bhuyan,meenakshi dutt,liza verma,saloli,rashmi virmani,preeti ghai, and off couse vandana vadhera–seeing with her toy boy boyfriend fit enough to be her sons
    cross dressers-sylvie queen, aamir zakir,sikandar,varun katyal and lets make a list of queen and gay designers,stylists and make up artists ! any suggestions

  46. Kavin says:

    I hope this article acts like an eye opener for all these featured so called socialites of Delhi. who thru their husband’s money and connections think they are PYT of Delhi ; whereas, in reality they are heap of Fake Bags… Fake make-ups etc. ……..
    Mrs. Jain is a real artificial b**ch of Delhi so called social circle ! Firstly, she takes advantage of her Husband’s connections because of his work and then in social gatherings creates a scene.
    Even the Mehtas couple are not far behind cheating people in millions in Kuwait and then behaving as if they are old Richie Rich of Delhi !!
    Sonia Duggal with her red lipstick looks like a vamp !

  47. Sumant says:

    There are several other culprits such as Rahul and Sharmila Nath, Shalini and Vineesh Kochar, Guneet Dhingra, Rachan Kohli Sandhu who have joined the likes of Meenakshi Sud Dutt, Sangeeta Bhuyan, to throw declasse birthday parties or launch inane venues and products. It all smacks of nouveau riche sensibilities and flashy PR machinery, as these wannabes try to make themselves relevant and climb the social ladder. Thankfully money can’t buy class and it’s easy to spot them a mile away. Let them pay editors and appear on Page 3. This way my bird cage liner will look colorful.

  48. Harsoon says:

    Sir ji inn auroton ki patloon utaar dii ji aapne. Ek minute mein nanga kar diya ji aapne inko. Patiyon ke paise se titliyaan bani udati hain. Dho daala ji aapne inko. Inko inki aukaat dikha di. Janata paagal nahin hai. Sab ko sab ka pata hai. Aapse zyaada to Janta ne udheda hai. Ab yeh nakli mukhote dikhne nahin chahiye ji. Kuch thodi si sharam ho to dobaara apna mooh na dikhaayein yeh.

  49. Nupur says:

    Jasmeet you want a list- Here is addition to your list of names that we are sick of seeing. If I see them one more time, I shall puke.
    Rooma Sekhri
    Sunayana Chibba
    Former Lieut Rita Gangwani
    Sapna Maken
    People feel free to add to this list. Let the editors know whom we are overdone with seeing.

  50. Soni says:

    I do not understand why everyone is treating these women as if they have done some hideous crime like being a terrorist. They have not. After all what is page 3 all about? It is about brainless beauties with no other purpose in life other than partying. These women are playing that part so well. Who else would play that part if not them? And they are even paying to play that part. You offer the same role to any other normal person- ask him or her to play dumb blond or brainless person, even offer to pay that person some money. They would refuse it. You should be thankful to them that because they are there, page 3 exists. Otherwise, there will be actual demise of page 3. Do you realize that we do need such spice also in our newspaper? It cannot be full of crime report, sports columns and politicians. We need some brainless beauties also to make the news lighter. You cannot watch serious art film always. Sometimes you do enjoy downmarket UP type movies or even porn for that matter. These women are like our porn stars. Our Rakhi Sawants.
    Mumbai is full of Bollywood. Hence they have page 3 covered by actors etc. Who would cover page 3 in Delhi? Meenakshis have to call Raveena Tandon of decades old to make her party a success and be featured in page 3.
    Regarding fake bags. Why do they bother you so much if their fake smiles and fake lives do not bother you? Who would you like to see on page 3? Some NGO person, some politician? People like Feroze Gujral, etc are now refusing to be a part of page 3. What choice does HT have now? Skip page 3 all together? Jump from page 2 to page 4. You make a choice. Either accept this garbage or have a demise of page 3. There is no other option.

  51. Mrinal says:

    Super article”””” jaldi ankein Khul gayeen “””” wow

  52. jasmeet says:

    HT city and its editorial team has gone crazy–today morning to see self proclaimed designer bharat-reshma with their horribly dressed up karol bagiya male models wearing bharat reshma’s typical gaudy bhatinda type of wedding outfits with hideous head gears in some wedding asia show ! i really wonder in which fashion school bharat went to learn to design such male garments which any sensible guy will think 100 times before even wearing them .
    meenakshi dutt –gosh wonder this lady has got real thick skin that even after so much negative articles about her still she posses in front of page-3 photographer’s camera ! height of innocence
    must say the newspaper should feel ashamed to print picture of this eunuch call aamir zakir ! heard he recently got slapped by some male model whom he made a pass ! disgusting soul !

  53. Sunayana says:

    addition to list :

  54. ritziii says:

    where are other comments????????? only able to see last 3 comments

  55. jack says:

    Hi Ritu,
    Click on ‘Older Comments’ to read all of them.

  56. Babu Singh says:


  57. priya99 says:

    hi everyone, why is everyone after all these women,they want to be seen and known so let them be…u all have already made these names so famous….they all love to show off there bags,dresses,so called pretty faces,their side pose with branded bags showing in front is an everyday feature …so keep watching them on pg3 and if u dont like to,then dont read page 3…..

  58. Dolly Jain says:

    Beware of sunayana bhinder she is a culprit invites dum ladies to events and get paid for writing bushit about them…don’t invite or go for her events .

  59. srarthak says:

    Everyone is trying to prove somthing but these things not enouge to make them stop. If we are realy crying becouse of these bitches so let’s try to stop this .h.t city n asian age first ! So we can say we do smthing for our delhi.

  60. wow wow wow wow wow what news

  61. raam says:

    Jack ! There is an insect called Gagan Myne, now this insect spreads viral of page 3 picture pimping it, even for five thousand bucks, so any one who gets in touch with him give him some dough for dalla giri can make it to page 3! Why blame these poor ladies who have bought either media net, or some dress to show their ugly flaps. Anjali kapoor what a disaster and also if they don get a real platform amoung the desiners of delhi how u think they will acheive their childhood dream of being famous. Atleast printed?

  62. Singh says:

    Well written Jaydeep,
    Complimented the efffort on the day you wrote it too.
    Personal vendetta and mud slinging seems to be the order when it comes to most of the comments.
    And some comments actually cheekily give insights and tips to you for further stories too. Such is the Power of grapevine 🙂
    Strange fact possibly is 90% of the current page 3 universe mentioned here was not here two years back will not be here for max beyond the next two.
    One Sunaina Bhinder Chibba mentioned here is a credible entrepeneur who I have known for almost 15 years now. With the Event Hosting & curating accumen, she is as succesful a business model as any event vertical. Leading brands have engaged her for their launches and PR.
    A fantastic blog and forum with some dilligent monitoring of the comments bit will keep the shoulders above all.
    Malicious Comments and personal slandering should be discouraged & deleted.
    However, take a bow Jaydeep for treading such terrain 🙂

  63. Ugly Truth says:

    charishma: Akhir koi 80-90 saal ka jawaan mil he gaya appko, jo appko ghumanay phiranay lay gaya, abh eek ehsaan kaarna, IS DESH NA ANA LADO.

    saneegta bahal: Maine pada, appnay bhi comment kia hay ?
    woh kehtay hai na, jinkay khud kay ghar kaanch kay hotay hay woh dusro kay ghar pay pathar nahi maartay….. appko to parties may frocks and skirts may bhe dekha gaya hay, thodda ummar ka lihaaz karo JI (sr. citizen ho, ji he bolna padega)

    salloli: OHHHHH Darling u hve already been insulted allot by media & others to jao appko maaf kia paar haan jaatay jaatay yeh bata do plz woh fashion disaster bodybuilder tumhara pati hay yah tumhare sister ka, yeh sawal bohoto kay lia bawal hay.

    sonia dugaal: waise to bhagwaan nay raang roop acha dia hay paar kash thode akal bhe day de hote, i would want to meet your daarjee bechara sharif bhola aadmi haar party may side paar khada rehta hay, na coverage milte hay aur na footage. appna SHAAN oh i mean appni shaan aur maan sambhal kay rakho bohto ki nazaar hay unpay.

    daksh oberoi: baaki parties may to app bar pay he dikhtay ho aur appnay events may subko sirf sandwich/pizza khila kay aur coke/cold coffee pila kay bhagatay ho, not fair thoda kharcha kara karo ji.

    meenakshi dutt: DIVA! shukaar hay yeh saare parties raat may hote hain aur woh bhe indoor a.c waarna paseenay kay sath sath bachay kuchay kapday bhi utar jatay. . . . if u know what i mean.

    umesh dutt: abh appkay kya kehnay, waise bhe appkay facebook pay chotee bachio ko actress bananay kay sapnay dikhanay walay kissay subko pata he hain.
    appko parties may dekhnay kay baad to taras he ata hai kyunki pehlay zamanay may milfs kutay lay kaar aate thee to abh pati lay kaar.

    sangeeta mehta: pehlay yeh batao woh saudi arab walay ghotalay may kitna kamaya, itna to kama he lia hoga ki face uplifting karwa sako, aur please abh yeh social gatherings may fight kaarna, bitching kaarna, bb pin distribute kaarna is old fashion, find something new for publicity.

    ankita-avantika: Ankita my dear kuch kha lia karo, abh to hadia kirtan karnay lagi hain. ya phir kahin yeh to nahi ki tumhara hisa bhe avanktika kha jate hay. app donno kay p.r partner aur pyaar partner change karnay kay kisay kaafi mashur hain.

    bharat-resham: model town, karol bagh aur yahan wahan store kholnay say aur p.r hire karnay say koi designer nahi banta, baby ur work should also do d talking.

    amir zakhir: appko to appnay camera say shaadi kaar lene cahiye, yaar koi to social gathering chodh dia karo haar jagha app aur appka caemra zaroor hota hai.
    waise appko aur sikander nawaz ko to designer hona cahiye tha woh bhe GAYMONDS ka aur appkay commercial ka title hota “for the incomplete man” aur ramp pay almost sare male dsigners mil jatay along with show stopper varun katyal.

    varun katyal: aaj kal to cha GAYe ho parties may abh chaye woh invited hoon ya uninvited. hamaray gupt N.R.I sutro nay bataya hay ki app wills kay haar show may thay even without being invited for many aur to aur yeh bhe pata chala ki finale dekhnay kay lia app itnay utaawlay thay ki appni frnd ka media bach taak chore kaar lia aur appkay sath jo frnd the ananya uskay lia media walo ka wrist band bhe bheekh may maang lia. wah abh doste ho to aise.

    gautam gupta: gautam sahib aur kabh taak chalega yeh media ki chatna, unkay pichay pichay bhagna, unko ghar pay private parties may bulana, kabhi kabhi to pick and drop bhe dena. aur kabh taak NASEER kay kandhay pay bandook chalogay uska to khudka NA SEER hay aur na pair.

    rita gangwani: bus eek he baat appkay lia, raasi jaal gaye paar baal nahi gaya, waise to coverage milte nahi, to chalo phir appni bemmari ka he sahara lay kaar sympathi gain kaarlo, abh app itna he bimaar rehtay ho to kyun is umar may yeh saab kartay ho, baki abh raam he rakhay.

    sunayana malhotra: ARTissht, waise kalakaar to app bohot badi ho aur kalakaaria famous bhe bohot hain appki jaise ki “hunger for younger” thoda to umaar ka lihaaz karo aur kapday sambhalo, uppar ki cheez nichay hote ja rahe hay aur nichay ki cheez uppar, zaalim thoda sambhal kaar chalo, zamana kharab hay.

    sylvie: mana ki OLD IS GOLD paar abh to app vintage model ho gaye ho, take retirement darling aur kitna nichay giroGAY ?

    Parul Grover, Rachna Sandhu, Manu Mamta, Shalini Kochar, Rekha Chawla, Sunayana Chibba, Sapna Maken app subkay lia eek he advice hay mere. thode nautanki aur karo, gate crasher bano, barbie doll types kapday pehno, sidha sadha pati dhundo, gym trainer hot pakdo, entry pay ladi karo, media walo say affair karo, thoday p.r aur change karo. waise app sub total waste of time ho isleya subka eek sath hi nipta dia.

    baaki sub maaf karna, jinka naam nahi aya woh kripya karkay khush na ho aur na hi rahaat ki saans lay. pehle baat, meray hath dukh gaye hay type kaartay kaartay aur dusra shayad app itnay baday celebrity nahi ho paye abhi taak.

    OH HAAN jatay jatay SHAAN may gustakhi kaar he doon. KOOL boy grow up now, aur yeh maa ki umar ki aantio kay chakaar may na faso nahi to yeh saree fashionbello tumhare fashionfellow lay dubange.

  64. jack says:

    @ Ugly Truth – very well written!

  65. sw says:

    arre…kuch regular naam kaise bhool gaye Ugly truth ji… inko dekh ker tho bahuton ki ankhen thak gayi hain……..Sanjana jon, Bipasha sen, Ramon lamba, Vandana vadhera, Ramola bacchan, Nikki Oberoi, DJ barkha, Ritu Buddhiraja, Ramneek wagarah wagarah

  66. jasmeet says:

    congratulation to ugly truth—lovely write up-sabka chutti kiya tumne–wah wah !

  67. hi jack,

    I will like to share some info on most of these women u have talked about if u like i will mail you some really crazy pix of them all in with there boy friends or f**k buddies most of these men are married where can i put this info up or mail it
    oh and with dates and hotel bookings,
    here we go girl all of you are on the hit list now ********************************************

  68. mujat says:

    @ugly truth,very well written n very impress.where do u get so much of information.@ madhavi would love to see those pics. @jack love ur blog

  69. Pree says:

    And now another one to the list. Shweta Kohli, the famous slut turned socialite turned pimp who has been Shweta Sathpathy then got married and became Shweta “something else” and then back to shweta sathpathy after a divorce and then Shweta Kohli and now again back to Shweta sathpathy. So, this woman who got dumped by her husbands for her oh so infamous infidelity sagas had to then show them what they are missing so she started hanging out with similar sluts like blanca peralta, salloli not saloni etc’s and now frequently gatecrashes hi profile parties and gigs! ah, the desperation of being seen..

  70. Such ka samna says:

    Meenakshi Dutt : So true you” wild truth “Feel pity on her husband who has only became a body guard of her cabaret dancer wife … Her make up is like a seeta mata in Ramleela….I don’t blame her may be this is way she has to earn her bread and butter to save the humiliation of her husband. Wah page 3 women…

  71. Mamta says:

    @ Madhavi : Please post the pictures and make these so called socialite aka ” Dolly Aunties ” benaqab in public who write mussy mussy updates on their bbm or fb about how they are missing their husbands but having an affair on the side …blowing their husband’s hard earned money on their gigolos friends !!
    they are so artificial like Meenakshi DUtt ” an ugly aunty dolly jain a total crap / slut .

  72. Ramp Watcher says:

    Did u knw dat bharat grover was sylvie’s ex boyfriend? An actor from dabangg movie was also her boyrfiend and an actor who was arrested for moslesting his maid.

  73. jasmeet says:

    hi ramo watcher–u r talking abt bharat grover of bharat rashma, sonu sood and shiny ahuja–gosh dont know what all these guys got in that hijra call sylvie–thank god they r all married now–saw sylvie many times in parties with young toy boy nwadays fit enough to be his grandsons –sickkkk

  74. Piya says:

    Oh gosh this ugly women madhavi gupta with her slutty body language known for misbehaving with friends in parties .we r still waiting for u to share more info and crazy pictures .please look into your own self so called event planner with no work in hand and keep sending invites to her own created events at own place…seen pleading for visiting her lousy events over coffee and conversation…big show off ….

  75. vv says:

    J D, on a serious note, i think its high time that our editors take a note of this and put a responsible journyo to keep a check on pics they carry in there newspapers….nice piece in Brunch too but then again, its like Look who’s talking because most of these mentioned names are daily featured in HT city too.
    n yes, kudos to this Ugly Truth, m sure he/she knws them pretty well…

  76. Sia says:

    One write up from you, brought in a revolution and is already revamping the page 3. It is also interesting to read the comments on the link of HT you have given. Can’t believe, you even got threats. But you proved the power of pen over power of sword.
    Though, the article got published in HT, but HT itself is a culprit for page 3. No? Are they doing anything to get back finesse and class in page 3? Are we still going to see the rotten faces?
    More than seeing page 3, I feel like coming and checking your blog post everyday for new comments.

  77. rohan says:

    the final awardees of the worst page-3 people are who dont deserve to be in page-3 are

    1. winner-meenakshi dutt
    2. first runner up–sylvie queen,aamir zakir
    3. second runner up-dolly jain,ramola bacchan,saloli
    consolation prizes–rashmi virmani,naser abdullah,liza verma,dj barkha,ritu singh,ramneek pantal,Parul Grover, Rachna Sandhu, Manu Mamta, Shalini Kochar, Rekha Chawla, Sunayana Chibba, Sapna Maken,varun katyal,rita gangwani,bharat-reshma,

  78. Yashica Dutt says:

    Hi Jaydeep,

    Thank you for adding the link to the story. And the comments posted above are hilarious! I wish I’d have spoken to some of them while researching for the story. Keep em’ coming.


  79. Arjun says:

    …actually i wonder when they work , gays like aamer live on people’s money on every day basis, varun katyal ji you are busy on FB and try to come on page 3 every day so who looks after your clinic . if you are a real doctor then you should be seen more in your clinic and less in parties ….fake people all of them

  80. jack says:

    Thank you Sia for such encouraging words!

  81. Nicole says:

    Hi guys how come you have forgotten two old-hags who are basking in the trashy page3 glory – Vandy Mehra and Dolly J.
    Aunties you pay more than Rupees one lac every month to PR to get your ugly pictures on this pages…Height of Desperation…Chadi Jawani Buddhi Ko!

  82. Groid says:

    ” oh my god, you look sexy” Like really – with that extra makeup, pushup (o) (o) and 45 years of sexperience – Hell NO ! Most of them have adolescent kids who are ashamed of their parents behavior.

    Get out of that stupid page 3 and get into Page 1 . Go do something and make your life worth living.

  83. Yatin says:

    how do you know his eunuch have u seen his ########.. i heard u are the same guy whom he slappd by him.. or are grapes sour for you that you never got covered???

    @jasmeet, this kind of language for sylvie who is highly acclaimed for his work, renowned MAKE UP ARTIST.. I DONT HAVE CHEAP WORDS LIKE YOURS TO TALK ABT UR CLASS….

  84. priya. says:

    Hey very good write up yashica but how could you not carry the names of some other AUNTIES like PREETI GHAI…AND THE LIST IS AUNTY with manly voice and manly everything…AASHMEEN MUNJAAL….SO CALLED DESIGNER PARUL GROVER WHO HAS ONLY ONE SHOP on this entire earth, she is on page 3 event today, Designer Gautam Gupta who has no other work then attending all shodey parties, SHALINI VIJ …who is seen every week

  85. SONALI says:

    yo PRIYA ….AASHMEEN MUNJAAL LOOKS HORRIBLE AND TOOO UNCLASSY AND THOSE hidious hats..god only spare us the horror…people have her buying them from janpath…one party regular also complains that she indulges in sleezy fights with her ugly looking husband who acompanies her like a dhol on the neck..and her bleached hair..n i remember someone complaining about a facial going bizarre at her local ashok vihar beauty parlour..people also say that she used to work as a receptionist which later turned out to be a terminated receptionist..

  86. Anamika says:

    WELL its sad to read few views that people have abt some people. Just a request to those illiterate people that WRITE THE FACTS..DONT TRY TO FIGHT YOUR PERSONAL BATTLES ON THIS PAGE…learn to deal with your jealousy yourself, and not by spreadin false rumor abt them. U guys r aiming everyone on that page but there r some lovely ladies who r invited who go to these events, dont pay the media, dont do any drama for attention but get clicked and lucky enough get published. Its just abt having fun and enjoying your life. its a matter of interests. Most of the people who have written bad abt these so called wannabes.Well some of them r. but not all. so its just a request or an advice BEFORE U MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE ON THEIR LOOKS ON THEIR GENDER OR THEIR WHATEVER U POINT AT ..GOD HAS MADE THEM WITH THEIR NATURAL FEATURES AND DO HAVE A LOOK AT HOW UGLY YOUR HEART AND MIND IS BEFORE U ATTACK SUCH PEOPLE..The best part is I M NOT a part of this but as a human i feel ashamed of the few things these horrible people have written for anyone….nor i m a friend nor i m a foe…but whoever started this blog needs to search the facts first and then print them. the pen is stronger than the sword but remember GOD IS STRONGER THAN U ALL….i do agree lil bit with the blogger but not all. And would like to tell u guys ALL PEOPLE ON THE PAGE 3 DO NOT PAY THE MEDIA. SOME JUST HAVE PRETTY FACES AND A PERSONALITY. U HAVE THE WHOLE PAGES OF PAPER TO READ IF ONE PAGE IS FOR COMMONERS WHO WANNA JUST PARTY AND ENJOY LIFE WHATS WRONG IN IT. AFTERALL EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE LIFE THEIR WAY. U POINTED AT THESE WOMEN FOR HAVING EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS..HAVE U EVER THOUGHT WHY A WOMEN WOULD STRAY ..WHAT IF HER HUSBAND WAS ALREADY CHEATING ON HER…BLAH BLAH BLAH…ALOT OF OTHER REASONS..anyway…rem those who write abt u will one day also be written abt maybe not on this blog but in the GODS COURT….TAKE CARE….

  87. Reyansh says:

    Yaschica Dutt: Let me firstly congratulate you for finally waking up to this grim reality. Now, im sure you are aware that HT is termed as the biggest culprit for this state of page 3. What started as a fun segment turned symbolic of the city’s class and elegance. Medianet had entered the market a long time back and frankly, TOI couldn’t care less of what & who they were displaying on P3 but HT always maintained the class, that is upto a few years back. The few things you guys do now thinking its going to bring in the crowds are actually sabotaging the moral foundation of ur own newspaper. Every year you come out with competitions like Delhi’s Most Stylish in each city. Do you even bother to look at the contestants and their style quotient, social standing, background, moral character etc?? knowingly or unknowingly cokeheads like Blanca Peralta are made to win over dignitaries like Priyanka Gandhi. Do u even realise the damage you do through such mindless decisions? Do you know anything about the reputation of people you claim are the most STYLISH in the city? When in a national daily, a crass characterless female like Blanca Peralta who is very popular for OD’ing on charlie and mindlessly sleeping around town to land drugs, is awarded for being the most stylish, it can permanently damage the perception of youth in our city. Our kids are learning to ape her addictions and character to get featured on the front and third page of your newspaper. This is not only irresponsible but criminal to commoners like us who are trying hard to protect our children from such nuisance everyday. Its a newspaper which though i banned in my house, is distributed at every nook and corner in the city. Unless you guys assume responsibility and vow never to make such blunders again, the reputation of your newspaper will never return. Take note and take charge, thats what u need to do now.

  88. piya says:

    Page 3 in Delhi

    Author : Kiran Bajaj Sawhney Blog :Kiransawhney Date: 5/31/2012 11:28:00 AM

    Here is to bring to notice to everyone. There is a blog/website- I must say it is very intelligently written and good site. It has caused sensation in the Delhi page 3 circuit by writing this blog post. Check it out here. But what further happened was the follow up comments. People read and commented. Someone known to me also commented. You can read the comments and find

  89. Soni says:

    Very well written !!

  90. @piya. Neither I am any page 3, nor any socialite. Nor I have any connection with all this. I have my personal blog which has nothing to do with all this. Kindly do not drag me into any of this. You have referred to my blog post here.
    and I have also written my views here

    What I write is under my own pen name and my own blog. Not hidden behind anyone.

    @ JD as I have already mentioned on my blog post, with a link given to your blog. Yours is an intelligently written blog. It is a mind opener. Sensational- yes. But at the same time commendable. Hats off to you.

  91. @ Piya. Piya I am sorry you are little brainless and careless. You should remember that you are playing with blogger like JD and me. We blog but we also keep a tab on our visitors and their paths. It was easy for me to trace you.
    Here is your IP address Bharti Broadband (
    This is the date and time you visited my blog to copy the link and exit to JD’s blog

    27 Jul 08:05:35 PM (Exit Link) — kiran sawhney #2
    27 Jul 08:05:51 PM
    27 Jul 08:06:05 PM (Exit Link)

    Ooops your game is up. I know who you are. See you in person.

  92. help compurter says:

    U CANNOT TRACK AN IP ADDRESS (Internet Protocol address) AND GET THE FULL INFO IN INDIA U NEED TO BE A SUPER COOL HACKER OR THE CEO of that service provider (SP) Broadband and
    if u did get that info why not share it with other how to track an
    Internet Protocol address
    mrs sawhney
    we TECHEADS will like to see how good the non tech world is
    and jack put a verify by mobile number option

  93. raam says:

    Was jus going through this J D I think is the most popular story you wrote on this blog, pulled an amazing public attention seeing the number of comments and people spending time leaving no chance to pour their heart out, further Ht brunch using the same pitch and educating people on page 3 I also notice how two groups seperate each other with in this fashion faternity one who is cool and another who is not cool. What’s cool and what’s not? In fashion faternity do s and donts !

  94. G says:

    So TRUE all these STUPID wannabees have occupied in PAGE 3 and reach everywhere without invites also so true AN ARTICLE

  95. SSSSS/ G says:

    Delhi is going to dogs coz of these petty few craving for lime light all the time . The genuine page 3’s have taken a back seat not wanting to be associated to these new wanababes

  96. G says:

    You are so true people chase you in LIFE !!!!!! and want to in NEWs for nothing they have !!!!!!

    SAD Society dear sssss/g

    Love u

  97. baba says:

    i really want to see these girls without makeup……

  98. KnowItAll says:

    These women are all one worse than the other. They are loose charactered and shallow and can go to any lenghths to get the 15 minuted of fame.
    Ramola Bachchan is a loner and loser. She is just a paid hostess with no credibility of her own. She bribed her way into the the F1 lounge area and was seen pacing up and down alone.
    Sanjana Jon has forgotten all about her rapist brother and is busy partying in delhi.
    Tanisha Mohan is also a hostess for hire who will charge a few thousand to host an event and has also been known to pay to beinvited for certain events.
    Mamta and Manu Rawal and cheap and local designers who have no class just loads of fat. If you see their clothes, you will puke.
    Meenakshi Sud Dutt, the queen bee of cheapness has a tramp stamp on her boob. Is a classless make up artiste with a henpecked husband who pays for the tents she calls clothes.
    Sapna Midda Maken is currently having an affair with someone and couple of years back left her husband and sons and eloped with her husbands cousin. After her husband accepted her back, she mended her ways for a short while and is back to square one. She wears hideous clothes and is crass and crude and as someone said, lives in a shabby place. And apparently her sons are as loose charachtered as she is.
    Latika Khaneja is another woman who pays to get her picture printed in papers.
    Sylvie the transversite weirdo throws herself/himself at every young male model and tries to solicit a good time out of them.
    All of Neeva Jains handbags are FAKE

    The list of the women and their notorius ways is endless. The article is truly a revelation. Kudos to the writer.

  99. Leo says:

    Hello All,

    I must say this one is really a very well written blog and the comments / posts mentioned here with the detailed information is great..

    However can anyone put some more light on Mr Daksh Oberoi (The Horse Racer as mentioned in the earlier posts)… I have seen his picture many times on page 3.

    Who is this guy and what is he upto.


  100. Sharad says:

    The problem is the editors don’t get it. They themselves are uncool. They blatantly favour their friends. I mean that ugly cheap woman meenakshi duet on the page 3 pages 10 times a month ugh! Don’t the management get it.

  101. GG says:

    Hi, this is regarding a television show that we are producing and we were wondering whether there is a direct way to contact you to discuss consulting on the show.

  102. Shruti Malik says:

    If you are looking for soft skill training then contact samira gupta

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