Sherlyn Chopra – 1st Ever Desi Playmate Totally UNCENSORED


Item Number Sherlyn Chopra becoming the first ever Indian to grace the cover of Playboy is probably stale news by now. You may have seen some pixalated or blackened-out pictures of Sherlyn strutting around naked with the crew of Playboy. But at it is always ‘Uncensored’. 

Sherlyn Chopra has been celebrating her time hanging out around the Playboy mansion by tweeting a bunch of pictures of her naked bod! For the record, she’s randomly posted nude pictures before (as recently as February), but she’s never posted pictures of herself hanging out with Hef; about whom she said, “Even at 87, he knows how to be an effortless charmer!!!”  

30 Replies to “Sherlyn Chopra – 1st Ever Desi Playmate Totally UNCENSORED”

  1. Sang says:

    I’d say – SHAMELESS !!

  2. jammy says:

    she is not the first indian playmate. there was a sardarni girl quite a few years ago as centre-fold model for playboy!

  3. sid says:

    soz….these are real pics Jack…

  4. max says:

    bravo! she has got guts man!

  5. KAM says:



  6. INAM says:


  7. Stalker says:

    Just for money I will be in bed with anyone too, Inam. Just one rule: No dicks allowed.

  8. manoj says:

    only money matters for her………she is representing india

  9. arvind says:

    You hypocrites. Aren’t you all looking at the pictures anyway?

  10. Amit says:

    Well said MR. Arvind ppl above, they are enjoying the pics and then criticizing her for removing her cloths, Classic case of “DOUBLE STANDARD”, some of them must have shagged also.

  11. anand says:

    awsome………but she might have spread here legs to view her cure pussy

  12. yash singh says:

    i really like her boobs… and her vagina looks delicious

  13. Sunshine says:

    Halkat Indian men and their mentality… dogs, love to ogle at her body and yet you preach about your Indian values and her shamless behaviour….shame on you…

  14. aparna says:

    i agree with wat aparna said. you guys who are talking about indian values are the same who are drooling over her

  15. aparna says:

    aparna aunty hume maf kar do, aap bhi dikhao hum dekhte hain…. ha ha ha

  16. Klaatu says:

    He he first they have a good look at her nude pics then comment that where are we going.. dude i donno know about us but u goin to dumps u hypocrite.. n as far as sherlyn she is free to do what she likes n we are free to see.. he he

  17. Arun says:

    I am Indian and I am proud of what she is doing.

    It is a disgrace that for all these centuries our country, which invented the kama sutra, was hiding behind a curtain like some childish and immature victorian prude.

    War, violence and poverty is what should be criticitzed, not nudity.

  18. laura kel says:

    she should had spread her legs:p

  19. laura kel says:

    60% of world’s open defect are in Indian… wht is d shame about showing beutiful bodies…thumps up to sherlyn chopra.

  20. Tame says:

    About time someone flew the Indian flag in Playboy. We have some of the hottest girls in the world and they should have been show-cased years ago. Thumbs-up to Chopra (who is one deliciously gorgeous piece of ass) for doing this!

  21. rochef says:

    I like these naked pic of SC.keep it up baby.we Indian like nudity,but at the same time we are like to show off our Indian culture.

  22. dev says:

    Sherlyn Chopra she has on world if she want to do nude pic then ok, if any celebrites like pamela andorson or any actres has do nude pic the like it but if any indian actres do like this so v a same y that Sherlyn Chopra has on life if c like it to do nude pic then ok na c never do nude video that i no boz i am bigest friend of Sherlyn Chopra thanks

  23. Raghav says:

    Its her body..let her decide what she does with it…secretly or openly…anyway guys wanna be with a beautifull women like her and girls wanna be like her…

  24. ruby says:

    lol…she got fabulous body and assets.she is confident of showing all she has.her boobs are right sized and she is a bit concerned about her love triangle..

  25. simanto says:

    Awsome.want more

  26. sam says:

    u men r stupid, can’t even respect the gal who had guts to do what she did,,, n she has outstanding figure ..u folks r jealous…. u like watching other naked gals all the time so what wrong now be its our kind …luv u sherlyn u r the best.

  27. vijay says:

    she should had spread her legs…we want some more pics….

  28. arktech says:

    I wish my girlfriend looked like you!! ua one boob is slightly smaller than the other..might wanna consider plastic surgery…indian culture is not against plastic surgery

  29. sherlyn fan says:

    The uncensored pics of Sherlyn r amazing .. beautiful naked body, round boobs with sexy nipples .. & even her beautiful pussy is so clearly visible now. WOW. In fact i am now completely in love with Sherlyn’s perfectly shaped clean shaven juicy cunt with the soft bulge of the fresh pussy lips & the most perfect & erotic slit in the middle – so inviting.
    People may criticise her for being shameless but I consider her bold. I love each & every part of her naked body and shall always be her fan.

  30. jude says:

    Sherlyn looks so pretty when doing number two in the toilet. She calls me to wash her dirty backside hole.

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