PIX That Infuriate Sallu Bhai

marius-moga-iulia-vantur-weddingiulia_vantur_marius_mogaThe mention of Lulia Vantur’s former husband, Marius Moga and pictures of her with him infuriated Salman Khan. Well fame is a double-edged sword. If it comes with load of perks, it also carries some pain. So Sallu Bhai just chill.



Lulia_Being HumanLulia_Catwoman




So what if Lulia, the Lulia-Vantur-IndiaRomanian beauty had been married and divorced??? It’s no big deal. In fact Lulia Vantur got married to musician Marius Moga in March of 2008. Now she is divorced and in India with boyfriend Salman Khan.

3 Replies to “PIX That Infuriate Sallu Bhai”

  1. Rational consumer says:

    Jack – Mumbai mirror has again gone and reprinted two of your scoops in today’s edition – about the Delhi fashion week and ms mahtani!

  2. jack says:

    Yes I know.
    They have been shamelessly stealing my stories for years now.
    But I can’t fight a monster like the TOI Group. If being unethical is okay with them, what can I say???
    You guys know the truth and am happy with that!

  3. anonymous says:

    it’s iulia not luliya

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